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06.24  Underground caves

Not so much time has passed since the end of the secret rescue operation in the underground caves, but the evil hiding in the depths there has again begun to awaken. Despite the posts posted by all the found entrances, the news of the new disappearances again began to... Details

06.20  Portal results!

The last moments of life of the portal of time were quickly slipping away - and with every moment, more and more heroes were returning from past to present. Someone without unnecessary emotions and words immediately went back to his castle, in order to have a good rest... Details

06.16  Three days of bonuses!

Brave Heroes! Starting from today till Sunday inclusive, Abu-Bakir and Grammit give bonuses for battles! The court magician will encourage every Watchers’ Guild battle, passed on three stars. And voivode Grammit guarantees a bonus for every victory in... Details

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