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02.14  Happy Valentine's Day!

Despite the ticklish military condition of the last few days, today is not a day for war or politics. The charms of Love have established their reign in the lands of the Empire, captivating each and all with its never-ending power. Along with this bright magic, the... Details

02.11  The Experiment has ended!

The second stage of the Great Experiment is officially over. Unfortunately, despite the richness and the large quantities of data collected, its results can hardly be called successful. To complicate matters further, the results can not unequivocally be dismissed as... Details

01.31  The Great experiment!

Uncountable battles and holiday events will never be boring. In addition, while many of Empire's people try to enjoy life to the full and more some of Empire's citizens consciously sacrifice simple things in the name of something greater. Sometimes their goals look... Details

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