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04.14  Portal of Time Opens!

Thunder rumbles. Flashes of lightning slice through the rapidly blackening sky. Has Abu-Bakir once again discovered a temporary rift in the fabric of time? So it became known. And so the stronger and more stable the magic of the portal, the more furiously nature sought... Details

03.27  Minor Tournament++

Lords and ladies, gates of the tournament arena are open to anyone who wants to test their mettle in the 40th Minor Tournament++. The achievements of all heroes who accomplish the necessary number of victories as one or more factions (irrespective of the... Details

03.26  The Raids Have Ended

From the beginning, everyone understood perfectly well that the alliance between the Empire’s Lords and the pirates was to be short-lived. Sooner or later, some circumstance would force the alliance to dissolve. But sometimes, even when you know the inevitable outcome... Details

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