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06.28  Tamer Dark Elf insight tournament

Can you imagine living for years completely isolated from the rest of the world? Dwelling in some of the darkest pits where any shadow can be hiding a savage beast ready to tear you to shreds? This is bound to leave deep wounds – deeper than those left by a troll’s... Details

06.07  The Grand Contest

Ages ago, long before the Empire welcomed military clans as we know them today, two noble clans vied for the right to be called the greatest. Many illustrious heroes swore allegiance toeither Manticores or Griffins to fight legendary battles for glory and fame. Alas,... Details

06.02  Summer Bonuses for Labourers

Please welcome the new summer promotion, brought to you by the Labourers’ Guild in cooperation with the Empire! Throughout June the Labourers’ Guild will pay handsome bonuses to each Lord and Lady who wins at least two battles in-between their enrollments (and receives... Details

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