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LordsWM is a non- commercial project, it is a free online service from gamers, for gamers. Every player is able to improve this free online game.


08.07  The Great experiment

Life of true Hero is unseparately connected with battlefield and uncountableamount of battles, which serve as loyal guide on the way to overall honor and eternal glory. And avoiding this battles mean going against your own fate. True Heroes don't avoid battles - they... Details

08.01  Special Summer Offer

Dear Lords and Laides, Announcing the special Summer Sale! Starting today and through August 15, buy Diamonds and get +10% for free. But thatís not all: Buy 25 Diamonds or more and get a uniq memorial gift... Details

07.16  Victory team Manticore!

And again, over the lands of Empire have risen gonfalons of two legendary armies, which times ago embodied strength and bravery. They were clans of Manticore and Griffin, whose glory now lives not only in songs and ballads, but on the battlefield while the Great contest... Details

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