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07.05  Clamping down on Smugglers

Outside of great campaigns, simple soldiers lead rather routine lives. Drills, keeping sentry, and an occasional leave – that’s all there is to it. But once in a great while, even as you stand guard in the midst of some murky woods on the outskirts of the Empire, an... Details

07.05  New campaign: Mysterious Epidemic

A while ago, residents of several villages complained of symptoms of an unknown disease. Local healers proved powerless, and urgently turned for help from the court healer, Tarayden... but as we now know, he was abducted along the way. The healer has since been rescued... Details

07.01  Victory over pirates!

A sense of duty, ambition to help, an itch for money, or desire to square off with another opponent – these brought Lords and Ladies to the cause, but lifting the pirate blockade was the only goal. It was no small task this time. The pirate armada never before had been... Details

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