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07.23  The Portal of Time is opened!

Lords of the Empire, the Portal of Time is opened and is full of mysteries of the past. The stars to be aligned only for 8 days and the Portal will be sustained until July, 30th inclusive. Every lord of combat level 5 and above is welcome to an exciting... Details

07.23  The Portal of Time is coming

Its been already three days since court wizard Abu-Bakir kept a close watch on the myriad of constellations and comets. According to his precise calculations the stars were about to align in the right order manifesting the opening of the Portal of Time. Lords of... Details

07.03  Battles with the Pirates

Battles with the Pirates The third ambush of the pirates caught the inhabitants of the Empire off guard as this time they attacked first. The atmosphere in the palace became heated to such an extent that even the chill of the evening could not cool it down. - I... Details

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