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08.04  Portal results!

Once the court wizard Abu-Bakir announced that the Portal was to be sustained for 2 more days no one could imagine what would be the price for such a daring challenge to the ancient forces. Whilst lords and ladies have been praising the devotion of court wizard who... Details

07.30  Portal sustained!

Lords of the Empire, Court wizard Abu-Bakir managed to keep the Portal sustained for 2 more days! However the total number of time travels remains unchanged 96 times (8 days - 12 times per day). To sum it up, those who have not yet completed all 96 time travels... Details

07.23  The Portal of Time is opened!

Lords of the Empire, the Portal of Time is opened and is full of mysteries of the past. The stars to be aligned only for 8 days and the Portal will be sustained until July, 30th inclusive. Every lord of combat level 5 and above is welcome to an exciting... Details

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