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09.20  Cross-court Contest

Its been a while since Tamer Dark Elves joined the Empire inhabitants above ground. The new citizens have already taken part in multiple military campaigns and proved themselves as reliable allies. On tournament arenas, however, Dark Elves have been challenging to... Details

09.10  Rebalancing

Valiant Lords and Ladies, After the recent tournaments we have rebalanced the armies of many factions. Go to your Recruit Army screen to check for any changes and update your recruitment numbers. Other changes: 1. Chaos spells... Details

08.13  Portal of Time Opens!

Undoubtedly one of the most powerful sorcerers in all the land, Abu-Bakir is also known as an eccentric genius - not just at her Majesty's court, but also among his own equally odd peers at the Magic Academy of Magical Sciences. He might only be rivaled by Councillor... Details

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