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04.09  Portal Opening

Heroes and Lords of the Empire, mostly those who had already had the experience of stepping over the time brink, stood impatient, shifting from one foot to another, yearning to face the Sentinels of the Past again. Some of them were discussing the stellar sky above the... Details

04.08  Backroom Connections

Excessive modesty has never been a feature for wizards to boast. In fact, it is no secret that no sort of restraint is inherent to them. Quite a pleasure it is to ride a huge majestic elephant adorned with jewelry and enchantments along the main capital streets, awaking... Details

03.18  26th Minor Tournament

The latest events in the Empire got imprinted on the memories of the heroes and lords. Over internecine conflicts and celebrations, the event to steal most attention and generate most gossips turned out to be the new Academy tournament, first of its type in Empire... Details

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