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11.14  Underground Caves

It has not even been one month since the headquarters of Leaders’ Guild opened the doors to its magnificent hall, and yet you can not help but feel the positive effects while strolling on the streets. Warlord Grammith was finally able to focus on his other, some might... Details

11.07  Cross-court Honours

Thunderous applause filled the cross-court arena with every blow exchanged. The show proved to be unforgettable indeed, with even the most sophisticated spectators unable to contain their admiration at the end of many battles. Where else could you see a savage beast... Details

10.31  Halloween 2018

The prophecy comes true again - tonight the Empire lands are roamed again by the strange pumpkin-bodied creatures. Should you manage to tame one of the Squashmen, it will fulfill your whims of attacking other lords and ladies. Squashmen acquire experience gradually,... Details

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