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03.14  Set sail!

Lordship, the main prison building has been constructed on East Island, but it is not enough for detaining all the prisoners. The Empire prison needs to be extended and fortified. All Lords and Ladies of combat level 3 and above are welcome to contribute their aid in... Details

03.12  Enemy is defeated!

Lordship, our victory was not bloodless, but finally we managed to defeat the enemy! Tattered remnants of the swarm fled across the flats and would not pose a threat for us in future. All those who gained at least 5 victories in combats would receive an artifact. The... Details

03.06  Guests from the Past

Lordship, another threat has just appeared. Enemy troops are arriving from a temporary break in Sublime Arbor. There is a vast number of them, but we have to defend our territories! No mercy! Remember the following: 1) all lords of combat level 3 and above with shop... Details

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