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01.12  Freight delivery

Pirate ambushes resonated all across the Empire. The inns of Harbour City were filled with fishermen afraid of sailing off, and instead spreading rumours of silos being constructed on East Island for storing abrasives, no less. The rumours had a ground, for shipwrights... Details

01.06  Talents and parameters

Dear Lords, We offer new functions for you to change talents and parameters: 1) Potion of oblivion is free now; 2) Preset talent sets contain parameters distributed by a lord; 3) Lords can create up to 10 preset talent sets containing distributed parameters; 4) Lords... Details

12.31  New Year 2015 Festivities

Lordship! For the period from today, December 31st, until January 3rd, the following festive features may be enjoyed by all Lords and Ladies: 1. Old and New year Chinese horoscope symbolic hunts: this year, the Sheep 2015 helps driving out the Mad... Details

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