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07.03  Battles with the Pirates

Battles with the Pirates The third ambush of the pirates caught the inhabitants of the Empire off guard as this time they attacked first. The atmosphere in the palace became heated to such an extent that even the chill of the evening could not cool it down. - I... Details

06.19  Battles over taxes

The grand Demon economist Arabat Flamesoul the Fourth along with Warlord Grammith spent many days developing the tax reform that would have been of a mutual benefit both for the Empire and the Military clans. After long and heated debates, they finally agreed on the... Details

06.08  Mini-balance

Lordship! Based on the last Tournament results, the armies have been slightly re-balanced. All Lords and Ladies are advised to check for possible changes in their recruit count at "Recruiting". Good luck and high morale in the battles!

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