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06.21  Pirates Siege!

You can see the East Island from any coast of the Empire, beckoning you with the beauty of snow-white beaches and untouched nature. But even children know that this island is not a tourist destination but a specially guarded prison, where, among other things, dangerous... Details

06.04  Paired Tournament Plus!

Lord and Ladies, the call to the tournament arena sounds again across the Empireís lands, and it issues a challenge to those brave heroes from combat level 3 and above to enter the 17th Paired Tournament Plus. Donít miss the opportunity to take part in this famed... Details

05.30  Favoured enemy

Dear Lords and Ladies! The unique racial ability of the elf faction, "Favoured enemy" has been changed. It is now possible to choose a favoured enemy separately for each class. For example, you can choose orcs as a favoured enemy against Barbarian, and ogres as a... Details

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