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10.31  Halloween 2015

The prophecy comes true again - tonight the Empire lands are roamed again by the strange pumpkin-bodied creatures. Should you manage to tame one of the Squashmen, it will fulfill your whims of attacking other lords and ladies. Squashmen acquire experience gradually,... Details

10.30  Watchers' Guild update

It's been a long time since Watchers' Guild became accessible to all Lords and Ladies of the Empire. Though few of them were ready for the quests, prepared by the Watchers; even fewer Lords proved themselves worthy of being called the... Details

10.26  Campaign Completed

War machines clattered, rocks cracked and towers tumbled as the castles fell one by one, burying the sympathizers of the former Kingdom with them. Neither high walls, nor deep moats, nor deadly fortifications proved strong enough to withstand the onslaught of the... Details

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