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11.20  The Portal of Time

Lords of the Empire, the Portal is opened and will be sustained until November, 27th inclusive. Every lord of combat level 3 and above is welcome to an exciting journey into the Past. Everyone will be credited with a starter lot of 350 Crystals of time. The portal is a... Details

11.18  The Portal of Time is coming

Lords and Ladies, it has been announced by Abu-Bakir that the Portal of Time will be opened on Thursday. Every lord of combat level 3 and above should start preparing for the event and check all the necessary shop artifacts.

11.06  Western campaign!

Preparation for a campaign was in full swing. The army was training, Lords were collecting artifacts. Grammith was trying to learn something about new territories. It was known that the way would take the army through thick woods. The scouts noticed some mysterious... Details

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