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10.16  Leaders’ Guild: Further Developments

Greatness has humble beginnings, or so it is said. The newly-created Leaders’ Guild has yet to stand the test of time; what little that the Empire has done is barely the foundation on which it is hoped great leaders will be trained. Even so, nothing in this hall spelled... Details

10.11  Portal results

The main expeditionary camp of the Empire was bustling as ever. Even on the last day of the Portal’s life, when most troops had already been recalled from the frontlines, the place seemed more than lively. But there was one spot lords and ladies dared not approach –... Details

10.05  Leaders’ Guild

It is easy to believe that being a citizen of the Empire comes with endless privileges, fancy armour and hoards of units under command ready to serve to their death. This impression is partially true and partially deceptive. The perks of leadership come at the cost of... Details

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