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08.14  Victory!

It is remarkable what deed the brave defenders of the Empire are capable of - challenging the most daunting of enemies and taking the fight to their lands. A sense of righteous anger and unrelenting justice led the Heroes' armies forward to the Survilurg legions, even... Details

08.02  Survilurgs in the castle!

The revelation about the fate of Prince Albrecht dealt a crushing blow to the morale of Tolgar. Although his guilt lay in events that had occurred far beyond the sea, the leader of the dwarves still believed that he failed his nephew. This thought did not give the old... Details

07.31  Tactical Leaders' Tournament

Those who are willing to be content with little success will not see great glory – one of the principles professed within the walls of the Leaders’ Guild. Therefore, the guild’s leadership did not rest on their laurels after the successful launch of several tournaments,... Details

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