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02.26  New campaign

The defeat of demon worshipers’ army and the capture of their castle, which was a residence for the mysterious infernal portal, seriously disrupted the plans of the mysterious enemy - and gave more than enough time to prepare the next step to elimination of this... Details

02.24  Mini-balance

Dear Lords and Ladies! Based on recent tournament results, the armies of many factions have been rebalanced. All Lords and Ladies are advised to visit the Recruiting page and check for possible changes in the recruit count of their army. Due to technical difficulties,... Details

02.23  Empire Defender Day!

Lords and Ladies, Today is known as the Empire Defender Day, the day when years ago the militants of the Empire stood firm in face of a great threat from the North and ended a barbaric onslaught of Recalcitrant Tribes. So fierce was the savages' fury, so large their... Details

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