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01.24  Ancient ritual

Before all the strangeness of the recent pilgrimage to the past could be forgotten, shoulder to shoulder with the priests of the Sun Cult, one of the miraculous survivors of those events once again recieved a letter from the court magician. Having run his eyes... Details

01.23  The pirate hunt is over!

Liberated slaves are good fighters. It's a pity that they die quickly. Obsessed with satisfying their thirst for revenge on their enslavers, they fearlessly rush into battle under blades and guns, sparing neither strength nor their own lives. However, perhaps this is... Details

01.11  Pirate Hunt!

New Year's holidays are over and it's time to get back onto the battlefield. But there are not many people ready to taste the indestructible power of the imperial war machine. It is time to strike a preemptive blow to the enemy, which is still licking its wounds from... Details

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