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04.03  Smugglers

The Empire's security intelligence service began to record a significant movement on the smuggling trails as an all-destroying "amphibian storm" rained down on the bandit wastelands. Apparently, someone there had a very hard time, since there was such an urgent need for... Details

04.03  Reward

Despite the warnings of the Amphibian high priestess, her brethren were much more militant than expected - and often threw themselves into the battle against the enemies before the hail of deadly spells decimated their ranks. Excessive modesty or coldblooded deception?... Details

04.01  Expansion to the East!

Ni Hao, brave Lords! We are glad to inform you about the successful completion of difficult months-long negotiations with Chinese investors from the well-known company Yúrén Jié Corporation in the online games market. Vice president of the company Zhou... Details

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