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08.12  Victory!

The Northern Desert’s endless sands are the cradle of the Pharaoh’s ancient civilization. Whose Sun once shone so brightly that, being blinded by its rays, they could not even see the rapidly approaching sunset. And now, they finally saw the dawn again after centuries... Details

08.03  Bandit Camps

A lot that is strange and wondrous lurks in the expanse of the Northern Desert. Just the name itself already arouses expectations of adventure into the unknown, and if someone finds themself in the captivity of the seemingly endless stretches of sand, they should be... Details

07.29  Pharaoh's battle

The negotiations between the Empire and the Pharaohs were not easy. On the one hand, the guests did not give a nary reason to stumble at their openness during the whole time of their stay on our lands, but at the same time, memories of the crimes they had committed were... Details

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