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01.18  Pirate hunt!

Despite the fact that all traces of the rebellious barbarian tribes have disappeared along with the magic of a mysterious experiment from court magician Abu-Bakir, the emotions of the events were still too strong. And if the Lords and Ladies mostly shared their... Details

01.17  Campaign is over

To the unceasing noise of war drums, the barbarians of the rebellious tribes confidently walked through the lands of bandits and robbers, crushing everything in their path. It is difficult even to imagine what could have caused such a force to break away from its... Details

01.06  Tribal path

And again the wonderful feeling of dejavu. A gloomy evening, a place located somewhere on the very outskirts of the imperial lands and forgotten by the Gods, and all the same faces: the court magician Abu-Bakir and the Warlord Grammith. Maybe the gloomy black rocks a... Details

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