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11.29  Leaders’ reward

The long quest for the Khalifa was finally completed with the help of brave Imperial adventurers. The genie, exhausted by her long and difficult battles, needed the help of a powerful magician to bring her plans to fruition - and at the first opportunity she rushed back... Details

11.19  The search of Khalifa

Contrary to AbuBakir's fears, it was far easier than he expected to sneak a wounded raven through the portal. A handful of special dust from crystals of time safely concealed this interference with the fragile structure of the endless web of time. Far more problematic... Details

11.18  Portal results!

From the very moment when the court magician Abu-Bakir saw his own crystal dagger, imbued with the essence of primordial rage in the clutches of an insidious raven - he never ceased to speculate how and when this could happen. And in fact, the magician knew the answer,... Details

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