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01.11  Pirate Hunt!

New Year's holidays are over and it's time to get back onto the battlefield. But there are not many people ready to taste the indestructible power of the imperial war machine. It is time to strike a preemptive blow to the enemy, which is still licking its wounds from... Details

01.05  Rewarding!

A wonderful creature, that Grinch. With his tenacity and versatility of talents, he could reach considerable heights, and perhaps even compete in skill with Abu-Bakir himself. But, unfortunately, driven by a sense of fear, he chose a different path - which found him... Details

12.31  New Year 2020 Festivities

Lordship! For the period from today, December 31st, until January 3rd, the following festive features may be enjoyed by all Lords and Ladies: 1. Old and New year Chinese horoscope symbolic hunts; 2. Hunts, mercenary errands, thief ambushes, ranger briefings 40% more... Details

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