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08.05  Leaderís reward

This unusual adventure ended as abruptly as it began. A chance encounter with another "loyal fan," a fierce fight, and the young elf was long gone. Rumor has it that he made one last visit to the arena Master. He would have been delighted to see him, and would have... Details

07.31  Griffin Squad Victory!

There is only one step from noble honour to vicious false pride - and not everyone is able to leave the path leading to the deep in time. However, Griffin still had the wisdom to seize his temper when the opponent was ready to push him off the cliff. The throne... Details

07.26  Secrets of Tactics

The Great Contest was in full swing - and its twists and turns left almost no one who had any interest in the daily life of the Empire indifferent. The best Lords and Ladies from all corners of its vast lands, honored to be chosen by one of the warring sides, clashed... Details

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