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11.18  The raid are over

"Believe in just deliverance, children of the Sun, for here our path comes to an end! By an unstoppable march, our holy army marched through these wicked lands, saturated with the heresy of the unfaithful and washed with tears of heaven without His grace! Thousands of... Details

11.08  Ancient ritual

What is the true danger in a curse which is losing its power? When the power of its rage is not enough to destroy the prey, and its sadness canít drown the victim into the darkness Ė cunning comes in handy, seasoned with a mix of lies and truth. Only the ability to... Details

11.05  Reward!

What had begun as a covert operation suddenly grew into a real massacre at the walls of one of the local castles. Enemyís forces turned out to be more major than it seemed at the beginning. But even this didnít help the bandits to win. Even though the enemy outnumbered... Details

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