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11.29  Portal of Time Opens!

Few people know, but whilst the magicians of Sun City are famous for their wonderful inventions and magical skills, they possess perhaps the most complicated system of bureaucracy in the entire Empire. So, six months had passed since the council of magicians intervened... Details

11.26  The Raids Have Ended

A cannonball blizzard, a ramming maneuver, a boarding - and another Imperial merchant ship went to the seabed. It seems that some of the defenders thought the face of the pirate captain was painfully familiar, but these poor fellows will now be able to share their... Details

11.26  Mixed battles in CG

While the ship's cannons hammered away at the Empire’s coast, the glorious triumphs of the 39th Mixed Tournament Plus were honoured in its very heart. However, the celebration prevailed not only in the arena during the awards ceremony, but also in its backstage. Where... Details

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