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04.05  Minor Tournament ++

Lords and Ladies, the gates of the tournament arena are open once again to anyone who wants to participate in the 47th Minor Tournament++. Any lord can claim an achievement simply by obtaining the necessary number of victories for one or several... Details

04.05  Special offer!

Dear Lords and Ladies, Announcing the special offer! Starting today and through Alril 12, buy Diamonds and get +20% for free. But thatís not all: For every 30 donated diamonds, you will receive 1 Golden scroll of calling (but no more than... Details

04.01  Covert operation!

As soon as the warlord Grammith returned from a difficult expedition to the past, he was greeted with alarming news that required his immediate attention. Right during the ceremony of honouring the best Heroes, the gloomy figure of adviser Fjerlis suddenly approached... Details

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