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12.02  Minor Tournament++ and mini-balance

Despite rumors of pogroms and mayhem by small groups of unknown demons, the Empire could not for such petty reasons leave its subjects without a proper spectacle and its loyal Lords and Ladies without a well-deserved opportunity to demonstrate all that they had learned... Details

11.30  Demonís summon

"Hi, sweetheart.." With a sly smile on her face, the young demoness suddenly appeared on the path, "I don't think we've met, although I've heard a lot about you. My name is Giselle. And I'm sure you know my father, Councilor Arabat Flamesoul IV. Oh yes, that... Details

11.29  The pirates are defeated!

The roar of cannons and the sound of crossed weapons finally subsided - and another handful of pirates paid for all their atrocities. Proudly stepping aboard the captured ship, the Warlord Grammith and the dwarf leader Tolgar met their gazes and then made their way to... Details

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