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05.20  Raid

Few habitants of the Empire ever wonder about how do rogues actually live, how is their everyday life like and how does their den look like? Is it really as bad as rumours tell? The scary truth is it is indeed that bad. Creepy fetid grotto; dilapidated huts, quickly... Details

05.18  Rewarding!

The imperial rescue squads continued their confident march through the endless caves of gloomy dungeons. Ahead of the vanguard, in the yellowish light of crystals, the outlines of the last enemy fortifications became visible. The underground savages were clutching their... Details

05.09  Happy Peace Day!

Today traditionally is the day to cherish peace and well-being in our lands. Even for such a military land as the Empire, and such bellicose men as our heroes and lords, peace and prosperity is invariably the ultimate goal to strive for. Many wars have been fought in... Details

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