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10.05  Leader's Guild Offer!

Dear Lords and Ladies, Announcing the special offer! Starting today and through October 15th, buy Diamonds and get +10% for free. You will receive a Amulet of cold once as a bonus if your total donation during the... Details

10.05  Mixed tournament plus!

Rumor spreads quickly through the lands of the Empire. And without proper control, the truthfulness that lies behind them can quickly grow into the most improbable fabrications and misconceptions. Thus the recent news of the glorious victory of the Empire's valiant Lord... Details

10.01  The return of the expedition!

To the sound of bells and fanfares, the imperial expedition returned to the walls of the capital. The news that it carried of the success of the completed campaign was undoubtedly good. And now about this glorious victory known not only in the vast expanses of the Great... Details

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