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LordsWM is a non- commercial project, it is a free online service from gamers, for gamers. Every player is able to improve this free online game.


05.30  Leader's Guild Offer!

Dear Lords and Ladies! We are pleased to announce the start of our Leader's Promotion! From now on and up until June 7, 2023 inclusive, with each diamonds purchase you will get additionally +10% of diamonds. What’s more, for a... Details

05.29  Icy Haze

"We’ve been crossing paths often, haven’t we?" Councilor Feurlis addresses you steadily, speaking with a slight air of mystery. "Most people tend to avoid those in my line of work. Everyone has something to hide. The question is, are their secrets worth... Details

05.27  The Return of the Expedition

Luckily, the return from the expedition was uneventful; every possible experience that an adventure like that could offer had already happened in the faraway lands. But now, in anxious anticipation of the meeting with the dwarven commander, all those struggles were... Details

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