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10.17  Dungeon Caves

Even if, in order to avoid unnecessary panic, information about the recent border incident with inferno demons remained away from the attention of the general public. The consequences of the invasion did not disappear - and demanded early resolution. Restoration of... Details

10.16  Reward!

Before the echo of the last of Kh’Everst incantations could even fade from the trees, the grim image of Counselor Feurlis loomed up into the distance, just off the main road where the final battle had been fought. After waiting a moment for the dark elf’s fury to... Details

10.06  Smugglers

Mass delay… Chain lightning… A shoot forward and a sharp lunge! Blow, one more! A few broad swings of the battle staff - and a dozen dummies carefully placed across the training ground, already lying on the ground. And above them towered the lonely figure of the dark... Details

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