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LordsWM is a non- commercial project, it is a free online service from gamers, for gamers. Every player is able to improve this free online game.


06.06  Paired Tournament ++

One of the fundamental truths which wizards learn practically in childhood is that absence of progress is regression. After all, while youíre standing still, the world keeps moving forward. Although the results of the last two great experiments had born some fruit and... Details

05.31  Special summer offer

Dear Lords and Laides, Announcing the special Summer Sale! Starting today and through June 10, buy Diamonds and get +10% for free. But thatís not all: Buy a total of 25 Diamonds or more and get a  Details

05.31  Villages are safe once more!

Our farmers are not as harmless as they might look. They're capable of protecting their homes, their families, and their fields. But it's one thing to dispatch of a few pesky snakes, and quite another to fend off a full-scale onslaught of the repulsive reptiles. That is... Details

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