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07.18  Portal of Time Opens!

Since the last expedition to the past, many events have happened in Abu-Bekr's life. Most of them could hardly be called joyous. In fact, they could have easily toppled any ordinary man. But the court magician is anything but ordinary. His face may be decorated with... Details

06.29  Award!

Everyone has a vice. Perhaps, only a newborn can be pure. The only question is in how you treat your defects. Some struggle all life with them, others do their bidding. But can you use vice for a better cause? Advisor Fyyorlis was one those few, who had been able to... Details

06.22  Raid

The doors of imperial taverns are always open to almost everyone. Most of the capital establishments value their reputation and try not to let random strangers in, but as soon as you step outside the city walls, the situation changes drastically. Anyone can turn up here... Details

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