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10.10  Minor Tournament ++

Lords and Ladies, the gates of the tournament arena are open once again to anyone who wants to participate in the 45st Minor Tournament++. Any lord can claim an achievement simply by obtaining the necessary number of victories for one or several... Details

10.05  Insight Tournament - Dwarf of Fire

While the passions around the recent military events gradually faded away, discussions about the fate of the Fire Clans who decided to stay in these parts only flared up. Everyone understood very well what the final verdict was going to be. After all, Tolgarís word in... Details

09.25  The Fire Clan

Representatives of the Dwarf people have many characteristics, but cunning is not one of them. However, their legendary stubbornness, combined with their special ingenuity, can surprise other races, or even catch them off guard. Thus, when the situation in the imperial... Details

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