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06.06  Mystery mission

Rumours of the recent success of the robbers spread with dangerous speed across the lands of the Empire and even beyond. No matter how hard they tried to disprove it, their words could no longer heal the poison that had struck the minds of already impure souls. The lost... Details

05.27  Award!

A sudden wave of robberies swept across the frontiers of the Empire. Overwhelming a number of settlements and villages, catching the local guards by surprise. It was only thanks to the intervention of the Warlord and his personal guards that the banditry was stopped.... Details

05.20  Raid

Few habitants of the Empire ever wonder about how do rogues actually live, how is their everyday life like and how does their den look like? Is it really as bad as rumours tell? The scary truth is it is indeed that bad. Creepy fetid grotto; dilapidated huts, quickly... Details

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