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02.28  Rewards

For a whole week, the ding of battle was heard all around the main trade routes of the Empire. But in the heat of fighting, and dizzy from the string of victories, few paid attention to the smugglers’ strange behavior. Many caravans seemed underprotected, and all too... Details

02.23  Empire Defender Day!

Lords and Ladies, Today is known as the Empire Defender Day, the day when years ago the militants of the Empire stood firm in face of a great threat from the North and ended a barbaric onslaught of Recalcitrant Tribes. So fierce was the savages' fury, so large their... Details

02.20  Smugglers

The long winter holidays followed by an unexpected journey into the past have left many defenders of the Empire less vigilant than usual. Soon enough the moochers, those who parasitise on our great land's vast resources, saw this as an opportunity. For the first time in... Details

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