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07.04  Single portal!

"The sky is frowning again", Abu-Bakir said to himself, looking at the black clouds that were thickening above his head. But bad weather should not have interfered with his plans, so the court magician immediately turned to the task ahead - and grabbed a handful... Details

07.04  Victory over pirates!

The extreme cruelty and greed of pirates have long been legendary, but this time they surpassed even themselves. Before the beginning of the East Island blockade no one could even think about the possible fall of the impregnable prison fortress. In recent days, the... Details

06.27  Balancing Potions 2

The effects of the Balancing potions has been changed for the Thieves, Rangers and Watchers guilds. Gold has been refunded to all Lords and Ladies who bought these potions before the changes. The new potion effects can be viewed in the  Details

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