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LordsWM is a non- commercial project, it is a free online service from gamers, for gamers. Every player is able to improve this free online game.


09.21  Mirror's Sale

Dear Lords and Ladies We are announcing about the special Mirror's Sale! Starting today and through 28th of September 2023, buy Diamonds and get +10% for free. But that’s not all: Buy a total of 25 Diamonds... Details

09.20  Single portal!

It's been quite some time since the Empire has tasted the grace of pure temporal magic. Not the chaotic echoes of unstable rifts that now open up with avid regularity here and there across its vast lands, but ones filled with the focused crystalline power of timeless... Details

09.19  Leaders’ Rewards!

With a shield in hand, loot in the bags and a slight sense of unease in their souls, the treasure hunters of the «Gloria Aeterna» Order were returning home. The Empire would hardly be pleased if it ever learned about the past deeds of their leader. After all, the memory... Details

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