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07.14  Portal results

It is not often that the Lords and Ladies of the Empire are given the opportunity to lead great creatures into battle. And every time - it's like a holiday. So long-awaited and desired that some are even willing to break the laws of space and time, to see with their own... Details

07.14  Mixed tournament plus

The first half of the summer in the Empire was unusually hot. An abundance of battles for every taste, and a succession of intriguing reforms. But there will be more. It was the turn of the glorious Lords and Ladies to once again enter the arena for the long-awaited... Details

07.11  Facility Shares

One of the main tragedies of a genius may be the fact that his discoveries and views are not accepted during his lifetime. Any society in a sense is committed to long-established traditions, because they are simple and understandable. And everything new - scares with... Details

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