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05.09  Single portal

Once again, one after another, all kinds of gargoyles are rapidly leaving the laboratory of the court magician, fluttering around all corners of the Empire and thus foreshadowing the imminent opening of a new portal of time. Abu-Bakir himself has looked very emotional... Details

05.09  Happy Peace Day!

Today traditionally is the day to cherish peace and well-being in our lands. Even for such a military land as the Empire, and such bellicose men as our heroes and lords, peace and prosperity is invariably the ultimate goal to strive for. Many wars have been fought in... Details

05.08  Rewarding

The change in the general strategy delivered benefits - and the number of prisoners saved this time exceeded all expectations. Surely, the underground savages next time will take into account their mistakes and be better prepared to meet the troops of the Imperial... Details

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