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05.16  Pirate siege

As soon as the demon-infested lands were pacified by the imperial guards, Warlord Grammith hurried back to the Capital, eager for an explanation from Counselor Feurlis. Dismounting from his horse upon his arrival, Grammith retrieved an urgent sealed report from the... Details

05.14  Leaders’ reward

When sending the Leaders’ Guild on a combat mission to the borderlands, Warlord Grammith never imagined that their adventure would lead directly to the gates of the underworld itself. And the fact that they survived was a miraculous relief and a show of real martial... Details

05.13  Group battles

Everything is quiet in the Empire and all is well, there is no cause for any concern. Only the office of the Commanders Guild was filled with fierce debate on one of their eternal topics: which one is more important, control or freedom? Should the Guild interfere in... Details

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