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03.21  Hunting Festival!

Recently, an unprecedented number of mercenaries and hunters have been seen in the Imperial lands. By the Empress' decree, the accelerated detection of new hunts and the updating of the mercenary guild's quests will cost only 100 gold until April 5... Details

03.20  Portal of Time Opens!

Abu-Bakir's latest experiment with time crystals ended in a very unexpected discovery. What did the court sorcerer really see when he looked beyond space and time? As soon as the magician played back the very picture in his memory for a moment, an avalanche of chaotic... Details

03.08  Women's Day

March is a splendid time in the Empire, for while nature lives through great regeneration inherent to its hemisphere, comes its main holiday dedicated to those whose beauty never fades away and whose charm never changes. Lords challenge each other and perform heroic... Details

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