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03.08  Women's Day

March is a splendid time in the Empire, for while nature lives through great regeneration inherent to its hemisphere, comes its main holiday dedicated to those whose beauty never fades away and whose charm never changes. Lords challenge each other and perform heroic... Details

02.28  Leaders’ Reward

The goal was achieved with or without the others' help. One after another, columns of black smoke rose up from the burned-out robbers’ camps and disabled mechanized factories, covering the sky with clouds of impenetrable smoke. Confidently and haughtily stepping over... Details

03.01  14th Aniversary!

The Empire celebrates Great Feast!For how many years it has lived and thrived to the delight of its subjects and in spite of the enemies. And the glorious Lords and Ladies didn’t play the least role in this, whose valor and bravery became the unspoken symbol of its... Details

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