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09.23  Raid

A brilliantly conducted combat operation to catch smugglers did not go unnoticed not only in the vastness of the Empire, but also in the camp of the enemy. Having lost most of the valuable goods and all the funds invested in organizing their illegal supply, the robbers... Details

09.23  Rewarding!

Anyone who is acclimated to thievery, sooner or later, becomes all the same for what to stretch out his dirty hands for, whether it's gold, resources, supplies, or even wild creatures. Let the Empire conduct with the Hunters' guild forces a continuous struggle with the... Details

09.21  Mini-balance

Dear Lords and Ladies! Based on recent tournament results, the armies of several factions have been rebalanced. All Lords and Ladies are advised to visit the Recruiting page and check for possible changes in the recruit count of their army. Due to technical... Details

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