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01.18  The pirates are defeated!

Another enemy ship sank to the bottom, leaving as a reminder of itself only wreckage and bodies of dead pirates engulfed in flames, aimlessly swaying in the waves. And above the whole scene towered the image of a contented dwarf, silently watching from the side of an... Details

01.10  Commanders' Guild battles

One of the oldest fighting traditions in the Empire is "Every one for oneself". It may not be among the noblest, the kind worthy of praise in song and legend. But it is certainly very instructive. On the battlefield, one must always be ready for anything, whether from... Details

01.06  Pirate hunt!

According to a long-standing folklore, itís not customary to begin the New Year with debts. But it just so happened that the Empire was slightly indebted to the pirates for their recent visit to its sea trade routes. This means that they probably will have to pay twice... Details

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