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06.08  Settlement defence

It is hard to believe, but robbers have their own code of honor. It is very specific by civilized standards, but sometimes it even drowns out more common feelings like greed and desire to save their own skins. Few recent defeats ended in losses of a number of major... Details

06.08  The raids have ended

The pirates decided not to wait for distracting events in the Empire this time, but to act more openly and insolently. Sometimes, success has gone to one’s head and prevents sober assessment of one’s strength and the overall situation. And though this raid could not be... Details

06.01  Empire’s offer!

Dear Lords and Ladies! We are announcing the start of a new offer - from this moment until June 7 inclusive, you will receive + 10% to your payment for free by purchasing diamonds. Moreover, you will receive a random artifact part from the  Details

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