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02.03  Settlement defence

Even a wounded steppe beast is by no means easy prey. And a hungry vulture is obviously no match for him. Boss's plan to make a profit on the steppes was doomed to fail, but it was certainly a long and bloody romp. The Empire had given him a good hand in this, having... Details

02.02  The raids have ended

The noise of the sea battle subsided, replaced by shouts of jubilation. Only one of the two pirate ships emerged victorious. The corsair of the Free Sails deftly climbed up one of the masts of the captured ship, cut the black flag with the Redbeard's insignia and threw... Details

02.01  February Sale!

Dear Lords and Laides! Announcing the special February Sale! Starting today and through 10th February 2023, buy Diamonds and get +10% for free. But thatís not all: Buy a total of 25 Diamonds or more and get a... Details

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