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06.27  Balancing Potions 2

The effects of the Balancing potions has been changed for the Thieves, Rangers and Watchers guilds. Gold has been refunded to all Lords and Ladies who bought these potions before the changes. The new potion effects can be viewed in the  Details

06.26  Balancing Potions

Brave Lords and Ladies! Many of you joined the world of Lordswm a long time ago, and some more recently. It is for new entrants that Balancing Potions are now available for the following guilds: Laborers, Watchers, Thieves and Rangers. The new Balancing Potions can be... Details

06.23  Pirates Siege!

While all the attention of the inhabitants of the Empire was fixated on the results of a great competition, somewhere far south-east of its shores trouble brewed. At the heart of an unexplored archipelago gathered a whole flotilla of pirate ships. Most of the crews had... Details

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