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05.27  The Return of the Expedition

Luckily, the return from the expedition was uneventful; every possible experience that an adventure like that could offer had already happened in the faraway lands. But now, in anxious anticipation of the meeting with the dwarven commander, all those struggles were... Details

05.18  Special Wind Offer!

Dear Lords and Ladies! We are pleased to announce the start of our Special Wind Offer! From now on and up until May 25th, 2023 inclusive, with each diamonds purchase you will get additionally +10% of diamonds. Whatís... Details

05.16  Mysterious Expedition

The port of Harbor City is always loud and noisy, but itís not every day that the dock laborersí swearing is drowned by the rattling and roaring of magic mechanisms being loaded onto ships. With the expedition already delayed, time ran out for the court mage to rely on... Details

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