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02.12  Pirates Siege!

Dusty imperial roads, musty halls of ancient tombs, gloomy dungeon caves – there is no lack of places for heroic adventures. However, sometimes you just want to breathe in fresh sea air and be filled with romance. So you seek out those pirate barkers. Alas, you find... Details

02.05  The enemy is defeated!

"Whose blame is indisputable? Who is possessed by a vicious circle of atonement?" - these words again and again rang in Abu-Bakir's head from the very moment the Sphinx was killed in the battle. They did not give the court wizard peace. He truly felt one’s guilt for... Details

01.29  Tomb of the Sun

Curses… One should not expect anything good from them. There is tremendous evil power even in the pacified, sleeping curses; it is eager to get out of its chains at all costs. Perhaps those curses are the most dangerous. Such a simple truth is by no means a secret for... Details

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