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04.01  Covert operation!

As soon as the warlord Grammith returned from a difficult expedition to the past, he was greeted with alarming news that required his immediate attention. Right during the ceremony of honouring the best Heroes, the gloomy figure of adviser Fjerlis suddenly approached... Details

04.01  Portal results

A very strange situation accompanied this expedition back into the time. It seems that the crystals are the same shape, the same colour; and the old enemy - still full of anger. The strange thing was the rather unusual calm that prevailed in the expedition camp. No... Details

03.21  Hunting Festival!

Recently, an unprecedented number of mercenaries and hunters have been seen in the Imperial lands. By the Empress' decree, the accelerated detection of new hunts and the updating of the mercenary guild's quests will cost only 100 gold until April 5... Details

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