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07.17  The Witch is defeated!

Several times almost getting caught in a naval skirmish with the coastal guards who were too zealously patrolling the imperial waters, the seized pirate ship boarded by the imperial troops managed to reach the port of Harbour City. If anywhere was possible to find a... Details

07.16  Special July Offer!

Dear Lords and Ladies! We are pleased to announce the start of our Special July Offer! From now on and up until July 23rd, 2024 inclusive, with each diamonds purchase you will get additionally +10% of diamonds. What’s... Details

07.05  Witch Hunt

While the inhabitants of the Empire Capital were deafened by the roars of a jubilant crowd, blinded by the brilliance of those competing in the tournament arena, somewhere far from its walls treacherous evil never ceases to make itself known. And at such moments when it... Details

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