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LordsWM is a non- commercial project, it is a free online service from gamers, for gamers. Every player is able to improve this free online game.


04.19  Special April Offer!

Dear Lords and Ladies! We are pleased to announce the start of our Special April Offer! From now on and up until April 24th, 2024 inclusive, with each diamonds purchase you will get additionally +10% of diamonds... Details

04.18  Crossroads of Mysteries

The halls of Gray Baronís mysterious residence looked different somehow. They seem to have changed since the last visit, although at the same time they looked quite familiar. Did that visit actually happen? Or was it all just colorful dreams and visions? "Please,... Details

04.16  Leadersí Rewards!

The return from a challenging combat sortie is always accompanied by a sense of joy. From the feeling of duty done and the understanding of its significance; from the contemplation of the spoils and the anticipation of the forthcoming visit to a tavern; and, of course,... Details

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