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Amulet of infinity
Required level: 3
Durability: 25/25  (25)
Ammunition points: 8
 +1 +1 +1%

Marvelous decoration depicting heroic endless cycle of life, was captured in a myriad of signs and symbols. The joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat, love for your friends and hatred of the enemies, true loyalty and insidious betrayal, long-awaited peace and not the least wanted war. Everything that fills the life of the Hero of the Empire and makes it special and outright - so that the years fly by, but will forever remain in memories.
+1 Knowledge per every 7 combat levels of the Lord.
+1 Attack per every 6 combat levels of the Lord.
+1% Initiative per every 6 combat levels of the Lord.

Memorial artifact dedicated to the eighth anniversary of the game.

Repairing cost:

Personalized gift to loyal hero Крысявчик on the 8th anniversary!

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