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Twilight piercer [I10E10A10W10F10]
5,600  28

Required level: 17
Durability: 16/56  (85)
Ammunition points: 14

   Ignore target`s defense 10%
   Extra damage with earth magic 10%
   Extra damage with air magic 10%
   Extra damage with water magic 10%
   Extra damage with fire magic 10%

Physical and magical properties of adamantium are so amazing that even ancient artifacts crafted from it exceed modern ranged weapons in firepower. Centuries-old records state that arrows fired with this bow carried such power that they were able to pierce through impenetrable darkness, cutting through monsters lurking in it and carving its way to the long-expected dawn.
Increases ranged damage dealt by 20%.
Equips on back.

Repairing cost:

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