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Sword of cold
Required level: 1
Durability: 0/77  (85)
Ammunition points: 8

 Ignore target`s defense 10%
 Extra damage with earth magic 10%
 Extra damage with air magic 10%
 Extra damage with water magic 10%
 Extra damage with fire magic 10%

A special material is taken for the main ingredient for the creation of this blade the stellar obsidian. Once upon a time it was found in the frozen mysterious crater of a meteor. For quite a long time the tremendous power of the ore energy within did not allow anyone to approach, turning into ice all the living that tried to seize it. Soon, however, it gave way to the will of the mortals, granting the world a weapon of the stellar freeze power.
+1 Attack per every 2 combat levels of the Lord.
+1% extra damage with water magic per every 2 combat levels of the Lord.

+1 AP per every 2 combat levels of the Lord.
Qualifies as a shop artifact. 

Repairing cost:

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