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Enchanted khopesh [F2]
Required level: 12
Durability: 0/55  (80)
Ammunition points: 14
 +9 +1 +2%

   Extra damage with fire magic 2%

Sacred weapon, hardened not only in the fires of the ancient forge, but also in the blazing heat of battle. Its sacral purpose is to undergo a ritual of spilling the blood of the sinner who have rejected the blessing of the Sun in order to finally find peace on the top of the sarcophagus in the tomb of its master.
Increases melee damage dealt by 11%  

Repairing cost:

Granted to the hero yuri70, who proved in the battle in "Ancient ritual" event.

Max. level won: 60
Silver: 354,474
Battles: 257
Victories: 144

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