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Imperial boots [D12E12A12W12F12]
Required level: 8
Durability: 59/80  (80)
Ammunition points: 33
 +6 +1 +5%

   Decrease attack of charging stack 12%
   Earth magic shield 24%
   Air magic shield 24%
   Water magic shield 24%
   Fire magic shield 24%

Liberating and uplifting - these two characteristics form the basis of the very essence of this artifact. These boots virtually carry their owners to great glory, as if the Empire herself directs them, step by step, feat after feat, on the course that will be glorified in legends as "the hero's path."
Grants 15% magic shield.
Additionally increases the initiative of the lord by 15%
Decreases melee damage taken by 8%

Cannot be transferred.

One of the artifacts of the "Empire" set.

Repairing cost:

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