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Imperial shield
Required level: 8
Durability: 80
Ammunition points: 15
 +2 +6 +1 +1 +4%

Heroic defender, embodying the legendary indestructibility of the Empire. Neither steel, nor magic, nor arrows are able to pierce the courageous hearts of our lords that stand guard over Her lands, prosperity and honor. They are her reliable shield, which protects thousands of innocent lives. And the gratitude of everyone who is saved, serves to reinforce the invincibility of the shield.
Grants 10% pierce through magic resistances when casting spells.
Decreases ranged damage taken by 18%
Grants 10% magic shield.
Decreases melee damage taken by 7%

Cannot be transferred.

One of the artifacts of the "Empire" set.

Repairing cost:

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