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Mirror of change

Cost: market price

Required level: 1
Durability: 60
A curious artifact invented by one of the Empire’s most brilliant minds, Councilor Bilir. With a plain surface framed with Crystals of Time, it looks deceivingly simple. In fact, the mirror does not reflect your appearance; instead it weaves a temporal projection from your inner power and heroism, which can take command of your army on the battlefield on your behalf. Be careful, however, as many a lord and lady have lost their tactical astuteness after overusing this ability.
Enables you to activate Automatic mode in any combat.
Durability does not decrease unless the artifact is used in battle.
Equivalent to shop artifacts.
Equips in your backpack.

Does not work in paired Commanders' Guild matches, Mixed tournament, if the battle has an ally. 

Repairing cost:

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