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New Year cookie

Required level: 6
Durability: 1

The magic cookie gives the Hero the following bonuses for 6 hours:
1. Faction Skill points increased by 20%;
2. Labour efficiency (including wages) increased by 20%;
3. "Automatic combat" button for your maximum rest and comfort in all battles except for a mixed tournament and a tactics guild (visible after placing in the lower right corner of the battle);
4. Assignments of the Guilds of Hunters, Mercenaries, Thieves, Rangers 5 times more often;
5. Leaders Guild quest reward increased by 2 times;
6. New tasks of the Leaders Guild appear 2 by times faster;
7. The speed of recovery of health and mana increased by 2 times;
8. Rates in roulette are increased by 3 times;

It is necessary to eat a cookie before February 1, 2023. Choose a time convenient for you and enjoy the magic charms of the cookie.
The cookie can't be transferred.

The cookie disappears after use. 

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