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Robber`s armour
Required level: 13
Durability: 37/54  (54)
Ammunition points: 14
 +4 +4%

Menacing armor plate robbers leaders and chieftains. That amazing case when not so much the appearance of the artifact scares, but its sad and suddenly terrible story, full of horrors and pain. The mere thought of it can plunge into fear, forcing henchmen to execute any, even the most insane orders of their commander.
Decreases melee damage taken by 10%
Decreases ranged damage taken by 10%
Additionally grants 12% magic shield.

Grants +1 initiative to third level creatures.

One of the artifacts of the "Robber" set.

Repairing cost:

Awarded to ZmypJIoH for bravely defending our settlements.

Battles fought: 72
Battles won: 54.
Civilians saved: 1,599.

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