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Robber`s bow
Required level: 13
Durability: 29/68  (70)
Ammunition points: 8
 +1 +2%

Once, the arrows that had been shot from this bow nobly were fired at only prey during the Empire's glorious hunts. But now this bow is used to target any type of prey. Like the blade of a cold-blooded murderer, it spares no one, not even innocent women and children. The barbarians heed only the call of riches.
Increases ranged damage dealt by 15%.
Increase +10% damage in Thief`s Guild ambushes.
Increase +20% damage to neutral creatures.
Equips on back.

One of the artifacts of the "Robber" set.

Repairing cost:

Granted to the hero thebody, who proved in the battle with Smugglers.

Max. level won: 50
Points: 43,256
Battles: 116
Victories: 95

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