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Robber`s dagger
Required level: 13
Durability: 1
Ammunition points: 9
 +3 +2 +4%

This is no mere weapon in robbers` world - it is a symbol of their bloody trade, a testament that the power they hold is based on fear. One stab, quick as a serpent's lunge and deadly as the scorpion's sting, can instantly quell an accomplice’s spirit and shift the balance of power in the gang. Everything would be fine if the robbers would cut only each other; but for every robber that this dagger silences, the lives of hundreds of innocent victims are also claimed.
Equips on left hand.
Increases melee damage dealt by 5%
Increase +10% damage in Thief`s Guild ambushes.

One of the artifacts of the "Robber" set.

Repairing cost:

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