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Light robber`s helmet [W2]
Required level: 6
Durability: 19/59  (60)
Ammunition points: 10
 +1 +3 +2%

   Water magic shield 4%

The Empire old-style ranged helmet. Being decommissioned long ago, it anyway managed to come to robbers greedy hands in illegal ways. It is cheap, light, practical and outmoded. However, the robbers are unpretentious people.
Decreases melee damage taken by 5%
Decreases ranged damage taken by 7%
Additionally grants 10% magic shield.

One of the artifacts of the "Robber" set.

Repairing cost:

Awarded to 777777 for bravely defending our settlements.

Battles fought: 39
Battles won: 39.
Civilians saved: 4,405.

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