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Great temporal sphere
Required level: 13
Durability: 9/73  (76)
Ammunition points: 6
 +2 +1 +3%

This powerful artifact reflects eons in its every line. In fact the orb constitutes the manifestation of time, its orderly cycle and unimaginable infinity. Mishandling it might result in disturbance of the past or even a reversal of time. Only the mightiest heroes, worthy of the "Keeper of the Time" title, have the willpower to put its destructive capabilities to good use.
Equips in your backpack. 

Repairing cost:

Awarded to TyrapuH for strategical planning and military excellence in combats with Sentinels of the Past.

Crystals - 3,163, max. difficulty level - 50, total combats: 80
Victories: 62

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