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Robber`s bag
Required level: 5
Durability: 15/54  (60)
Ammunition points: 4
Made from rough burlap that is rather cheap but still strong and reliable, this bag is a regular feature for experienced robbers when they are out in the field. Its standard inventory usually includes a few specialised pieces of clothing for different kinds of banditry assignments, tools of the trade and several niche weapons.
+3% initiative and +1 attack in combats that donít require only shop artifacts.
Gives robberís picture in combat.
Equivalent to shop artifacts.
Equipped in your backpack.

One of the artifacts of the "Robber" set.

Repairing cost:

Granted to the hero Nax-Nax, who proved in the battle with Smugglers.

Battles: 70
Victories: 46
points: 5,367

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