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Gladius of presage [I11E11A11W11F11]
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Required level: 18
Durability: 0/40  (90)
Ammunition points: 25
 +8 +1

   Ignore target`s defense 11%
   Extra damage with earth magic 11%
   Extra damage with air magic 11%
   Extra damage with water magic 11%
   Extra damage with fire magic 11%

It is not merely a weapon able to cut through shields and armour of an entire legion of fierce enemies with the lightness of wing flap. As long as its adamantium tilt rested in the hand of an ancient Guardian of Dawn, this gladius was a guarantor of undisputed victory over the impenetrable darkness of the night, and the presage of the fact that the world would certainly witness a new dawn.
Increases melee damage dealt by 10%. 

Repairing cost:

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