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Ring of balance
Required level: 3
Durability: 71/81  (85)
Ammunition points: 4
 +1 +1%

Mystical ring, created by a long-forgotten magic, which for centuries rested among the ruins of an unknown temple and awoken by the greedy treasure hunters. When equipped it becomes one with its owner, granting him as much secret power as he is capable of keeping under control.

Presented by the Knight Commander himself – Alec, the leader of «Gloria Aeterna» order, as a sign of eternal honour to the hero who defeated all of his strongest fighters.

+1 Knowledge per every 7 combat levels of the Lord.
+1 Attack per every 7 combat levels of the Lord.
+1 Defence per every 10 combat levels of the Lord.

+1% pierce through magic resistances when casting spells per every 3 combat levels of the Lord.


Repairing cost:

Presented to brave TI_M for defeating all available factions and classes in battles against Alec's brigades at combat level 14th.

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