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Temporal signet-ring
Required level: 8
Durability: 0/40  (69)
Ammunition points: 6

To know in advance about the plans of the enemy is of an immense value; but to be one step ahead of him is even better. And this wisdom makes the magic of this ring truly priceless, because it can help to be ready for any battle even before it started, each time causing a decisive blow before the enemy has time to even think about the upcoming fight.
In the beginning of the battle the hero's army shifts 10% forward on the ATB-scale, which grants them the ability to move first. the ATB-scale shift do not sum up.

Part of the Temporal set.

Repairing cost:

Awarded to romfed for strategical planning and military excellence in combats with Sentinels of the Past.

Crystals - 2,844, max. difficulty level - 30, total combats: 56
Victories: 41

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