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#4201 Empire`s Wrath

 [Military clan] [03:00 - 20:00]
 76 heroes, battle glory: 2,601

 » Leader: Lord Khellendros
 » Deputy: Calamity

 » Warlord: MrBattleControl
 » Treasurer: MrBattleControl
 » Storekeeper: MrBattleControl

 » Recruiter: MrBattleControl
 » Chronicler: MrBattleControl
 » Herald: Switch, Black Lumeniac, MrBattleControl

 » Log

 Buildings: Commanding post, Tampering lair, Intelligence department, Embassy, Training camp

 » Depository

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Clan Story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Another eruption was shaking the honoured halls of the Warriors’ Guild Wrath. The volcano was getting bigger and bigger and there wasn’t much time left. Lady Laitha took the last piece of the infernal set off the podium in front of her and gave Count Ranor and Lord Khellendros a nod. “Let’s go!” she said, then the helmet covered her face. The Lady walked steadily out of the hall, her clan falling in behind her. Count Ranor and Lord Khellendros carried the clan’s trophies, behind them some of the most talented smiths and enchanters of the whole empire followed. Many members were carrying their injured or unconscious brothers and sisters with them. No one would be left behind.

Behind them the long history of WGW, the first Military Clan in the western Empire, the greatest clan in the demon war, winner of many heroic endeavours and trophies seemed to have been swallowed up in the lava of that accursed volcano. But there was no time to look back. They had to wipe their tears away and enter the waiting ships. The wind blew into their sails and their banner waved in the air.

“Land in sight!” the outlook yelled. Suddenly everyone was awake, looking at the country which would be their new home. And there it was, no longer some distant hope on the horizon, no volcano but instead fresh green grass, strong castles and an abundance of traffic on the roads. Lady Laitha safely led them into a hidden bay with a big cave behind it. The warriors took their chests off the boats and all together entered the dark hole. They lit it with torches and settled down on furs to rest.

Meanwhile, Ektoras, leader of the mighty Empire’s Crusaders, walked with his councillors along the shore surveying the soldiers from over the seas. Rumours had spread quickly across the Empire of the refugees.

Ektoras finally saw what he was looking for, the emblem of the shiny sword. He walked briskly up to the sentry and asked for an audience with the leader of the clan. Warriors turned to gaze upon the magnificent armour of these crusaders. Ektoras, Edwin and AntViolence resplendent in fully enchanted Tactician sets and Jabberwacky dazzling all with his enchanted Tribal set. Ektoras was taken before Lady Laitha and her councillors and introduced himself:

“I am leader of the Military Clan “Empires Crusaders”. My comrades and I came to this land some years ago. First as mercenaries and later on as a Military clan we have gained great honour and trophies from the wars in this Eastern Empire. In the last War we fought for and captured an obsidian mine and hold it for the Empire. We are indeed battle hardened veterans having fought against steppe barbs (tribal), sun knights and amphibians. We have prospered here and built up our clan with the help of many comrades from the Western Empire. We have increased our clan's worth by building a depository to help us during times of war, it holds many rare and enchanted arts for use by our members, all at reasonable prices; I say this not to boast but to show our worth. I do not know if you remember me but I too was once a member of WGW and I know the value of the warriors around you. I come to offer my allegiance and a home for you and your warriors.”

Lady Laitha
“I remember you, you were a brave if somewhat headstrong warrior, I see you have grown in stature. As you know WGW is a proud clan with a long history of democracy, and as such you must convince me, my councillors and my warriors that this is a wise thing to do. For while it is true we are in need of a new home it must be a decision voted upon by the entire clan; as is our custom in such important matters. Tell me is your clan democratic or is it one of those that must blindly follow the leaders wishes?”

The two, deep in conversation walked away. The members of the two clans started to talk with each other discussing the Empire, their journeys and achievements, their goals and strategies. And when the two leaders returned from their talk, they found a unity of warriors and crusaders.
The group looked west across the sea and thought they could just make out a faint red glow on the horizon, the last dying embers of a lost empire. They turned as one to the East and in front of them a new day was dawning, the sky was blood red and held the promise of a good day ahead. Indeed they hoped for many great days, many adventures and many opportunities to prove themselves in battle. Lady Laitha looked at Ektoras and drew her sword; Ektoras immediately understood and drew his own. They turned to the clan and raised their sword together and swore allegiance, the whole clan repeating the pledge:

“We are one; you have my sword and my shield until death. If I can aid you in any way my comrades I will, if by laying down my life my brothers and sisters may live I will do so willingly. Let us march together throughout this vast Empire and let our enemies tremble when they look upon us. We will always move forward with honour and although our comrades, our heroes, may fall in battle they will never be forgotten.”

Then with a huge roar the entire clan shouted together:

“Empire’s Wrath forever!”

Now you know where we all come from stranger, how about you? Do you want to join us and be a part of this democratic clan? Then contact one of our Recruiters or Leaders and be ready to prove yourself worthy.

(Authors: Black Lumeniac and Lord bogland. Edited by Lady Laitha)


If you are interested in joining our clan then please contact only one recruiter; you will receive an answer as fast as possible. Please do not transfer the invitation fee until you have been accepted.

The requirements for joining the clan are as follows:

- Be the main character
- Speak English.
- Follow the clan Code of Honour
- Participate in clan vanguards during events and wars
- Pay 10,000.
- Have a clean transfer log (for small transgressions, exceptions can be made for those willing to do what is necessary to clean it up)

- Have a healthy financial status.
- Have a full art set for CL level
- Have or be willing to make a skype account for instant communication (typing, not voice)
- Be Level 7 or higher. (exceptions can be made, read below).

-Applicants who do not meet one of the above "should" criteria can be considered if they have other qualifications. For example: a level 6 with TGI or having good results in tournaments

-During events exceptions can be made to the entry level, but not the joining fee.

These are the minimal requirements. We can't accept every candidate. Each potential member is checked (Guild levels, transfer log, artifact sets etc.) to see if he or she is able to withstand the demands of military clan membership. Our decision is not final: an unsuccessful candidate may apply again later! So, if you are not sure, just ask...

Note that Military Clan size is limited with a capacity of 250 members, so don't wait until the last moment to join!


Clan services:

- Shebali 90% skill for 100% of the cost + 1 gold
- Antviolence 90% skill for 100% of the cost
- Pang 90% skill for 100% of the cost + 1 gold
- Rumpelstiltskin 90% skill for 100% of the cost + 1 gold
- Lord Robai 90% skill for 102% of the cost + 1 gold
- Nakagawa 70% skill for 80% of the cost
- death2all 70% skill for 60% cost
- laugm 60% skill for 50% of the cost
- Jabberwacky 80% skill for 75% cost

- Robai 5x12%
- Qassai 5x12%
- Lord STB 5x11%
- Count Ranor 4x10%
- astorgate 2x4% 200 gold back per element(300 for clan)
- Lord STB (5x22%, for free)
- Lord Robai 5x14 for free
- astorgate 2x6% 200 gold back per element(300 for clan)
- Qassai 5x18%
- Lord Robai 5x16% for free
- astorgate 2x8% 200 gold back per element(300 for clan)

~~Leasing arts~~
Use our Depositary to rent enchanted arts

A player that needs a loan and can’t get it from other players can ask the clan to grant one. The player that asks for the loan must have shown consistent activity on the server and be keen and willing to participate in events and wars. He must be able to repay it within one month and have no gambling habit.

1.Offline Qassai 12 Enchanter   
2.Offline yuradnk 12    
3.Offline Arctic 13 JPN   
4.Offline Lord Vanafras 12 WLS   
5.Offline Lord DarkAtom 11    
6.Offline Shebali 13 RUS - Smith   
7.Offline Lord Azirafel 14 ESP   
8.Offline Ulwarth 15 ESP   
9.Offline StealthyFoe 11 NED   
10.Offline Lord MathProfessor 17 ITA/ISR   
11.Offline Mihaip 12 ENG   
12.Offline Pantheon 001 15 USA   
13.Offline Count Ranor 15 GER - Enchanter   
14.Offline alexbb 12 RO   
15.Offline Erota 13 DEN   
16.Offline KINGJEMH 15 DEN   
17.Offline Lord Robai 11 Smith/ Enchanter   
18.Offline Switch 14 MDV   
19.Offline aijez 13 GRE   
20.Offline speed_dragon 11    
21.Offline cakur 14    
22.Offline laugm 11 MAS   
23.Offline Eazy-E 13    
24.Offline Black Lumeniac 11 GER   
25.Offline ParaLeul 14    
26.Offline Lord Maldini 13 GRE   
27.Offline imknight28 9 IND   
28.Offline LenweFaelivrin 10 GER   
29.Offline Nakagawa 13 Smith   
30.Offline Fogonero 13 ESP   
31.Offline Kenzo 9 GRE   
32.Offline Magier 12    
33.Offline Nebura 15    
34.Offline Tularemi 10 TR   
35.Offline chrisl 15 ENG   
36.Offline xenophon 13    
37.Offline arcane_archer 12    
38.Offline huitailang 14    
39.Offline Grythor 13    
40.Offline DarkerRahl 9    
41.Offline manufc21999r 11    
42.Offline tomcat1976 12    
43.Offline The_Cimmerian 12    
44.Offline Xcalnarok 11    
45.Offline Szupermen 13    
46.Offline Rowen_Aridu 12    
47.Offline Dork_lOrd 9    
48.Offline bigwoood 15    
49.Offline Inquisitor_999 10    
50.Offline _Bubbles_ 10    
51.Offline TK_ 11    
52.Offline Krumme 10    
53.Offline yopiwizard 14   2,495 
54.Offline Lord Khellendros 16    
55.Offline aRU 13    
56.Offline carpo 8    
57.Offline c-i-p-o 8    
58.Offline Behemots 9    
59.Offline ottffssent 14    
60.Offline Lord cepruyc 13    
61.Offline beggar 15    
62.Offline The executioner 10    
63.Offline eejie 8    
64.Offline Zandars 14    
65.Offline WolfDeath 11    
66.Offline Uzzi-demonu 9    
67.Offline Donttakemyname 7    
68.Offline romeo88 15    
69.Offline Shura_LP 14    
70.Offline Rand-al-Thor 14    
71.Offline Enano_ 16    
72.Offline Calamity 17    
73.Offline Corey 17    
74.Offline _Sworks_ 18    
75.Offline virtual_vitrea 18    
76.Online MrBattleControl 16   2,649 
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