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  #7010 LWM - Forum moderators
 11 heroes

 » Leader: Empire
 » Deputy: Beliar

 » Recruiter: Edwin, Insults
 » Chronicler: Lord cepruyc, Insults
 » Herald: Lord cepruyc, Insults

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This is an official clan controlled by Empire. Clan members, known as Moderators, watch the law and order at the Forum. A Moderator is able to ban any character at the Forum.
Important: Banning means temporary withdrawing access to posting at the Forum. There are no other punishment options at a Moderator's disposal.
Moderators do not have extra rights over the Queries and Help forum. It is being moderated by Sages, clan #7266.

There are the following rules for members of this clan:
- New members are recruited by Staff Department members only, during recruitment periods. Topics in General game forum are opened for each recruitment period. Candidates are welcome to send their applications according to regulations posted in that thread.
- New members may also be recruited personally off recruitment period, exclusively by the initiative of the Staff Dep. member. Mailing clan recruiters and asking for invitation to this clan at any time other than recruitment period is senseless.
- The Staff department character then analyzes the applications and reserves the right to reject them. If a recommendation for a Military clan member is rejected, the leader of that clan will be notified immediately and may recommend a different member in the same manner, until the end of recruitment period.

Forum rules: http://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=6
Forum manual: http://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=19

1.  Empire 22  
2.Offline #4201Lord cepruyc 13 C&A finance, Tournaments 
3.Offline #4201Magier 12 Sections: GGF, OGF, TQs (technical support) 
4.Offline #7705Wertz 17 Sections: Grats, T&S (Leasing, Smith) 
5.Offline #7705Lord STB 14 Sections: Clans, T&S (Smith), TQs (gen.) 
6.Offline #4201Arctic 13  
7.Offline Lexa 16  
8.Offline #8048Beliar 16 Deputy Leader 
9.Offline #1209Meshy 19  
10.Online #1209Edwin 19 No salary, co-worker #7373 
11.Offline Insults 5 No salary 
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