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  #7132 Born in the USSR
 36 heroes

 » Leader: Lord wiseboa

 » Recruiter: Lord Justix, -IK-
 » Chronicler: Lord Justix, -IK-
 » Herald: Lord Justix, -IK-

 » Clan page: http://ussr.ucoz.kz/
 » Log

The main conception of this clan is to unite all players that were born in USSR. We live in different counties now, but we can still understand each other.

There are no taxes in our clan. At the moment its status is non-battle clan - just technic community.

Lord_Of_Chaos is our clan weapon enchanter. All questions concerning this must be addressed to his private mail.

hunter is our smith master. His unique experience and skills allows him to repair arts with 90% efficiency and all this only for 110% of repair cost for our clan mates. Please, write to his private mail concerning the repairing of your arts.


For the purchase of Thieves invitation:

Chernomor: 138 000
izDonbassa 6 000

TOTAL: 144 000

1.Offline Lord wiseboa 9 Ukraine, Donetsk 
2.Offline izDonbassa com 6 Ukraine, Donetsk 
3.Offline noxep 8 Russia, Izhevsk 
4.Offline Lord Justix 10 Ukraine, Kiev 
5.Offline Lord Hellraiser 9 Russia, Moscow 
6.Offline Lord -NEO- 11 Ukraine, Lugansk 
7.Offline DearMight 9 Ukraine, Kherson 
8.Offline Lord Chernomor 7 Ukraine, Odessa 
9.Offline IDOL 6 Russia, Moscow 
10.Offline Lord Corvus 6 Russia, Udmurtiya 
11.Offline -IK- 11 Russia, Nizhniy-Novgorod 
12.Offline Lord bubu 9 Germany, Duisburg (Russia, Omsk) 
13.Offline Lord FGUIG 9  
14.Offline levsha 10 Russia, Ufa 
15.Offline Sanderx 10  
16.Offline Lady Asche 8  
17.Offline Mpy_KaK_Myxa 6 Russia, Moscow 
18.Offline Lady kandis 5  
19.Offline Lord MySTERy89 13 Ukraine, Yuzhny 
20.Offline Lord Rich_mause 8 Russia, Krasnodar 
21.Offline Lord Sanya007 7 Russia, Bryansk 
22.Offline Lord kuznec 11  
23.Offline #7181EujinSPb-EN 14  
24.Offline  10  
25.Offline XGenieX 8  
26.Offline Lord Lord_Of_Chaos 8  
27.Offline Lord Tamplar 8  
28.Offline Lord ru_medved 6 Russia, Leningrad 
29.Offline yours_truly 7  
30.Offline #7110ceburaska666 7  
31.Offline BabySmile 10  
32.Offline Lord 6aJL6ec 8  
33.Offline #7102gostface 14  
34.Offline #2854Xtraterrestrial 19  
35.Offline Tordenson 10  
36.Offline C_4 10  
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