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 » Leader: Silent1

 » Chronicler: cyberlord, Lord Hallion91
 » Herald: cyberlord

 » Clan page: http://kingdomdoom.webs.com/
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Long ago there was a kingdom established in the depths of hell called the KINGDOM OF DOOM. It's brutish and devastative forces consumed half of the universe. The ones who tried to oppose it were ruined and doomed. Now it has set foot on the planet Earth. The ones who oppose it would meet the same fate but the ones who show loyalty would be equally rewarded..


If a person donates 500 gold he will get 1 point

If a person refers someone to join this clan he/she will get 2 points

If a rec. recruits a person he will get 4 points

0-25 points - Labourer
25-50 points - Farmer
50-100 points - Rebel
100-250 points- Administrator
250-500 points- Gets a seat in private leader discussions
500-600 points - Hell Raiser
666 points - Demon from hell
666-750+ - A seat in Clan Administration

80 CP - 1500 gold + Hunter art
150 CP - 5000 gold
280 CP 8000 + MH art
450 CP - Option - 10000 gold or random GH art
550 CP - Option - 12000 gold ot Random BB art

* Should be your main account
* Combat level 5 or above.
* Clean transfer log
* No AFK in combats deliberately
* Shouldn't be inactive for more than 3 months (eviction as most never return).
* Should be an active participant in clan battles and chats.
-All about entrance fees

* Should be able to pay 1k for recruitment in this clan.
* Re-entrance fee is 550 gold.
* Send the appropriate gold to the leader with a proper description and a PM to inform the transfer.
-Clan's benefits

* Good repair offered at reasonable price(no. of clan smiths to be increased soon)
* Intra clan battles and hunt assistance
* Distribution of awards after winning events during festive occasions
* Good enchantment services(no. of clan enchanters to be increased soon)
* Artifacts' rent network .
* Advice from exceptionally high level players(these include lvl 15 players)
*The recruiter who recruits a person can take 200 gold as a recruiting reward)
-#696 The Mystical Warriors
-#695 The Dungeon
-#265 The Elite Spawns
-#594 dragon's slayers


-Baweja => a few shop arts, contact for prices.
-Baweja => GH set. Cost is 2500 gold per battle for clan members and 4000 gold for ousiders.
-i_luv_2_hate => leasing gh set. For the rates check out his personal info


-Binghuo is the clan smith. He does repair 90% for 110% for the clanmates.
-NanoThermite a smith,repairs 50% without any additional cost
-Dionysus repairs 90% for 110%
-Hallion91 repairs at 90% for 105% repair cost


-Binghuo is the clan enchanter. He does 4*20% armor enchanting for free of charge (clanmate provides arts and elements only).
-Dionysus enchant weapons 3x10%; for any clans which I'm in, I give back 550 per element
-Baweja also enchants armour 4% - just send the req elements
-Hallion91 enchant: Weapons : 4x10% Armor : 4x16% Jewels : 4x16% (50 gold back for Weapons, 200 for Armor, 150 for Jewels - prices are per element)

-Constanta =>15k

1.Offline cyberlord 12 Warrior of Dark(co-leader) 
2.Offline Silent1 13 king of doom 
3.Offline #7705Sir Jedi Knight 20 labourer(0) 
4.Offline Brilliant 15 labourer(0) 
5.Offline Dionysus 18 labourer(0) 
6.Offline Duke Surim 17 labourer(0) 
7.Offline #7705Lord Hallion91 15 labourer(12cp) friendly clan leader recruited=3 
8.Offline liers 13 labourer(4) recruited=14 
9.Offline -_NO--NAME_- 13 labourer(0) 
10.Offline Lady cbaaa 13 labourer(0) 
11.Offline vansh_de 12  
12.Offline thisthatman 9  
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