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  #7316 Great Lions (GL)
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 » Leader: Trainer604

 » Recruiter: emperor_1

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Brief Description:

Great Lions (GL) is a new guild, with a strong dream of becoming a great and respectable guild. We extend our hands to those in need, and help them become a great hero.

We accept all players who respect the rules, and help the community grow. We especially accept newcomers, for we wish to help and guide their lives as a great hero. All who wishes to join must contact the guild leader, or specially named others, or be invited.


Point System:

This guild uses a point system that helps shows how and what ranking in this guild you are. There are several ranks and different ways to receive "points",

The ranks are:

Private:Requires 0 points, no other rank (lvl 1 authority)

(W) Corporal:Requires 5 points, Private rank (lvl 2 authority)

(W) Sergeant:Requires 20 points, Corporal rank (lvl 3 authority)

(W) Sergeant Major:Requires 50 points, Sergeant rank (lvl 4 authority)

(W) Lieutenant:Requires 75 points, Sergeant Major rank (lvl 5 authority)

(W) Captain:Requires 100 points, Lieutenant rank (lvl 6 authority)

(W) Major:Requires 150 points, Captain rank (lvl 7 authority)

(W) Lt. Colonel:200 points, Major rank (lvl 8 authority)

(W) Colonel:300 points, Lt. Colonel rank (lvl 9 authority)

(W) Brigadier:500 points, Colonel rank (lvl 10 authority)

(W) General:750 points, Brigadier rank (lvl 11 authority)

(W) Field Marshal:1000 points, General rank (lvl 12 authority)

Special General:(lvl 12 authority)-Can receive and accept invitations.

Notes-Authority is how much authority, special access, and respect you (should) have.
-To receive points, you must meet the requirements, and send the guild leader your log.
This means you have to send a private mail to the guild leader, and the web address with the
log. Please also state when it was achieved.
Example: 01-28-09 01:23: Trainer604[3] vs Recruits (32)
-(?) Shows your "class".

(more ranks still coming)

How to receive points-(W)=Warrior
-Win a duel/Team fight (1 point)
-Be victorious in a hunt (1 point)
-Win a Team fight with a guild member(s) (2-3 points)
-Successfully complete a mercenary's quest (3 points)


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