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The greatest clan made in this game so ever because in this clan no one ever gets low on gold!
We do our best to help you with your character, HOW?
First we have some deals like: for every player you offer them to join this clan and he accepts you get 3000 gold, but after 10 players you recruit by this way you will get that every time so ever then, just ask them to transfer the gold to thehbk619 under description invited to the clan by your name then you send message to the leader thehbk619 that this is your third player you recruit for example then in the eleventh player invited by this way you will get 3000 gold each time you invite then .

We give some advices on roulette !
meanly trust you self and try to predict .

you will get 20 % discount on repairing .

The invitation will be 1500 gold to be sent to thehbk619 description: clan invitation.
500 gold will go to the clan account
500 for invitation
500 to the recruiter

there is a 500 gold tax every month you pay to thehbk619 .

help in hunts the player has to pay for the helper half the gold because thatís the rules.

NO FOUL WORDS, penalty will be lied to member

NO UNEVEN COMBATS {like lev 7 vs lev 5} because we are brave warriors we get exp by battling fair levels.

RESPECT CONDTIONS like no arts {no arts means only your level AP}

And last but not least donations are accepted in this clan and the player will get credit for it.
Donations starts from 500 gold to 50 000 gold
Nick names will be provided and the players who donate will be respected and maybe we will make him a recruiter and will get 500 gold for every player he recruits then.

u can donate using Elements
Abrasive 500 gold
Fire crystal 2500 gold
Ice crystal 5000 gold
Meteorite shard 2500 gold
Moonstone 10 000 gold
Tiger`s claw 5000 gold
Toadstool 500 gold
Viper venom 2500 gold
Windflower 5000 gold
Witch bloom 500 gold
Plus players who donate can get half their donated gold loan when they need!
benefits of donating :
1) You can get cheaper art renting in clan.
2) Chance to be a recruiter in our clan.
3) loans
4) when donating with 5000 gold or more you will stop the tax for 1 month and get repairing discounts as
donated :

500 beginners 0

2500 expert 5 % for 1 weeks

5000 master 10 % for 3 weeks

10 000 sage 20 % for 1 month

20 000 legend 30 % for 3 months

35 000 champion 40 % for 4 months

50 000 warlord 50 % for 1 year !
100 000 King of Kings 100% for 1 year !!!!!!
Donations are used for repairs ,enchantments, artifacts for rent
and to buy thief guild invite

Tournaments soon.

You can repair you arts just send to thehbk619 or to china_blue99 and tell them your title and they will tell u how much discount for your art,Repair 20% per 20% cost, Enchant armor - send item with elements you get back 1000 gold all from LITWIN.

Thatís all for now hoping it will be the biggest clan ever now letís all LEVEL UP!

1.Offline samwisegamgee 4  
2.Offline Arkapal_11 12  
3.Offline Persib 7  
4.Offline itchyarrow 9  
5.Offline emperor_1 6  
6.Offline Lord Kusanagi 5 King of Roulette 
7.Offline TheDeadManRIP 7 Death and Dark Side 
8.Offline Bevan 7  
9.Offline Thehbk619 7  
10.Offline DARRENTWY 6  
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