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  #7351 shadow walkers
 18 heroes

 » Leader: chadi

 » Recruiter: Lijo
 » Chronicler: YELLAR
 » Herald: thrax, YELLAR, emperor_1

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TO OUTSIDERS: We are the shadow walkers. We are feared and respected by all. We walk in the shadowz unseen and unheard until we strike, commanding the shadowz to do our bidding. One day we will all rise to glory and become the most powerful warriors ever whos word is law and wishes are commands.

TO CLAN MEMBERS: We are a friendly society of powerful yet friendly adventurers who live to enjoy life and have fun.

0 points-newcomer
5points,peasant - 100 gold back on enchantments
10points,fighter - 200 gold back on enchantments + 1 random hunter art
15points,grandmaster fighter - 350 gold back on enchantments + 1 hunter art of ur choice
20 points,general - 450 gold back on enchantments + 1 random master hunter + no tax
25 points,prince - 600 gold back on enchantments + 2hunter arts of ur choice + no tax
30 points,ur own title - 750 gold back on enchantments + 2hunter arts of ur choice + no tax

How to get higher Rank:
1) You get 1 point for every 500gold donated
2) You get points if u donate ur hunter arts to the clan
3) For reporting members who break the rules
4) If u participate in clan competitions

1)Dont go afk
2)Follow battle descriptions
3)You must pay your taxes every MONDAY! Usually you will receive a message asking for the taxes but just in case please be honest and pay the taxes yourself.

If u see any member breaking the rule please pm me.
once caught-1000gold
twice caught:1700gold
thrice caught:2500gold
forth time caught:thrown out of the clan

in a hunt the punishment is half.

When can u go afk?

You can go afk if battle description isnt followed

Loans Serves:

You can get loans once u donate gold to the clan

3000donated can take loan up to 3500 gold
5000donated can take loan up to 5800 gold
7000donated can take loan up to 8500 gold
9500donated can take loan up to 11000 gold
12000donated can take loan up to 15000 gold
15000donated can take loan up to 19000 golod

Clan competitions:
clan will introduce following competitions once the clan bank has some good amount of gold:

1)card tournaments
2)hunting tournaments
3)duel tournaments

u get 1 point if u participate in clan competitions

invitation programme
if the player who joins the clan mentions ur name u get 2 points plus 50 gold.if u recruit 10 member u become a recruiter.


friendly clans
the renegade heroes
TGI for rent :
thrax is renting a TGI. See her info for the price.

u can donate a tgi to clan for a price of 200k gold.

if u donate a tgi to clan ull get:
2great hunter arts
can choose ur own title for urself
1set prepared by the clan

250*laborers guild if ur laborers guild is 0 thenu have to pay 150gold as tax.

1.Offline sinx9 6 new comer(no tax) 
2.Offline thrax 13 master of thieves(no tax) TGI renter,5points 
3.Offline Assassinlay 5 newcomer(no tax)4points(1600donated) 
4.Offline sepelchure 5 peasant(no tax)7points(400donated) 
5.Offline Lijo 10 Recruiter(1 point) 
6.Offline YELLAR 8 newcomer(no tax),smith40% 
7.Offline redpopo 5 peasant (tax 250gold)(5points) 
8.Offline harrierhawk 6 newcomer(no tax)(2points) 
9.Offline kurasaki 7 newcomer(tax=150gold) 4 point (donated 400gold)(1000fine) 
10.Offline emperor_1 6 newcomer(smith 10%)(no tax) 
11.Offline #7181Lord lukeman56789 10 newcomer(no tax) 
12.Offline snakeeater 5 newcomer(tax = 150gold)2 points 
13.Offline lost_liche 7 newcomer(tax=150gold) 
14.Offline prab731 10 newcomer (tax=150 gold)4point (500 donated) 
15.Offline radulod 6 coleader. a gr8 stratergist! 
16.Offline umeto 6 newcomer (tax=500gold) 
17.Offline redpopo81 5 newcomer(tax = 150gold) 
18.Offline Lord AVAL 9 newcomer 
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