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#7394 Blade of Honour

 24 heroes

 » Leader: Lord zcn

 » Recruiter: knightman4

 » Log

Clan Membership -
- one payment of 750g, no tax
- It is free for shop art renters

PM me if you are interested in joining

What can you get from this clan?
- A way to make fast money via recruiting
- Renting arts
- Clan Blacksmith
- Games and competitions
- A friendly clan leader
- Friends who can help with hunt assists

Clan Ranks -

Clan Volunteer - Loans, renting, blacksmiths.

Clan Worker - 5,000g - Free Invitation - Random Hunter Art

Clan MiddleClass - 7,000g - Free invitation - Random Hunter art

Clan UpperClass - 13,000g - Free Invitation - Random Hunter art

Clan Leader - Me :)

making money -
What are ways to make money in this clan?
Recruitment is the best
Tell a player about the clan, get the player to tell me when he PMs asking to join that you told him about the clan
Then i will send 250g to you, and 500g into treasury

You can only get a loan the size of what you have donated to the clan


Clan Positions
Herald - 10,000g
Recruiter - 5,000g
Chronicler - 15,000g

Please enjoy the clan
As that is the reason it is here

1.Offline Demonic_Power 8 Clan Volunteer 
2.Offline HipHopPrince 7 Clan Volunteer 
3.Offline knightman4 6 Main Recruiter 
4.Offline Dracula1996 8 Clan Volunteer 
5.Offline hermejs2 6 Clan Volunteer 
6.Offline Lord zcn 7 Clan Leader 
7.Offline BURSK 6 Clan Volunteer 
8.Offline Lord WAFFEN-SS 6 Clan Volunteer 
9.Offline HAYATA01 8 Clan Volunteer 
10.Offline Duerra 6 Clan Volunteer 
11.Offline DOGKI 7 Clan Volunteer 
12.Offline Mobility 6 Clan Volunteer 
13.Offline Lord jamesfranklin88 8 Clan Volunteer 
14.Offline -Assasin_Hell- 7 Clan Volunteer/artifact renter 
15.Offline -Bladelord- 8 Clan Volunteer/elements buyer 
16.Offline Qioflash 7 Clan Volunteer 
17.Offline flamerboy2000 5 Clan Volunteer 
18.Offline zUka95 7  
19.Offline Ben1000000 8  
20.Offline MicroMate 6  
21.Offline Mr-Owner 7  
22.Offline nemorensis4 7  
23.Offline NeCro_DraGon 6  
24.Offline Devolorozo 7  
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