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  #7405 hammer of faith
 31 heroes

 » Leader: drakelord

 » Recruiter: treylee
 » Chronicler: Lord elfguy, treylee
 » Herald: treylee

 » Clan page: http://hammeroffaith.ucoz.com
 » Log

Welcome to Hammer of Faith.

Fee and main rules
Fun stuff
Donation system
About the clan
Clan chat and secondary rules
Repairing and Enchanting 101
Clan Market
Artifact rental
Coming up tornements (info for our clan tournaments)
NEW; Raffle
Hunter records and improvements
List of ally clans

~~Clan fee~~

Entrance fee is 750 gold, unless you have a special reason.
Minimum level is 3, preferebly 4+
If you are recruiter and recruit a player and you get the fee, give at least 500 to the clan.

Recruit options:
Send 500 and keep 250 for yourself
Send 750 gold and get 3 points

Other rules:
* You must be a active player
* You must treat other people like you would like be treated
* Never ask someone elses password and real life secrets/problems (unless he/she tells u)
* Don't go afk (unless your internet connection falls out)
* Promote sportsmanship rather then be a bad loser

We do alot of fun stuff like tournaments and battles. Our first tournament is coming soon!

Our name is not for nothing: Hammer of Faith!, we are a faithful community with players you can trust and rely on!

~~Ranking System~~

100 Gold per point


1-9 - No bonus | Title: Scout (a good begin)
10-24 - Random Hunter Artifact | Title: Recruit
25-49 - Random MH Artifact | Title: Warrior
50-99 - Random Hunter + MH artifact (so 2 artifacts) | Title: Fanatic
100-249 - You will be Recruiter and get 10% discount on services | Title: Leader
250 or more - You will be Herald and get 20% discount on services | Title: Own choice

~~Our motto~~

Don't give up until the last man falls, rather, don't give up at all!

Chat room = #405
Discuss strategies;
Services; enchanting repairing;
Artifact rental;
Friends etc.;
Just talk :p.

Chat rules:
No insulting.
No recruiting people for other clans.
No swearing.
No full caps.
No flooding or spaming faces.

If anyone is breaking the rules, report it to us for a free point.

If you break a rule you will be banned from chat for 7 days
Repairing and Enchanting 101

Repairing service:

Help us to get better!

How to get an item repaired:

PM a repairer and say what you want;
Give the art;
Give the money he needs;
Just wait until you get it back :)

Enchanting 101
Say u want an art enchanted;
Give the elements and the art needed to the enchanter;
Get the art back;

HINT: The art must be worn out for repairing (0/** durability)
HINT: The art must NOT be worn out for enchanting (at least 1/** durability).
~~Clan market~~

market lot will be deleted if not sold every 2 weeks unless requested.

drakelord offers:
hunter broadsword 9/10 100 gold

PM Drakelord or ivo678 if you want to update this list!
~~Art renting~~

Drakelord's starter artifacts:

Hunter Pendant [F1]: 60 gold per battle (30 for un-enchanted)
Round shield: 15 gold per battle
5 hunter arts:250 gold per battle

5 hunter art bonus:
+10% damage to neutral creatures.

Hunter set:500 gold per battle

hunter set bonus(es):

+20% damage to neutral creatures,
+3% initiative,
+1 to minimum and maximum damage of all lord's stacks

Ivo678's advanced artifacts:

Ring of Inspiration: 110 gold per battle (150 for non-clan members)
Sword of Might: 135 gold per battle (135 for un-enchanted, 180 for non-clan members)
Defender Shield: 35 gold per battle

Partial GH set:

1500 gold per battle or 325 per artifact individual.

1-9 battles: No discount
10-19 battles: 5% discount
20+ battles: 10% discount

% = % of enchant
MH = Master Hunter artifact
GH = Great Hunter artifact
Set = full set of 9 good arts
SoM = Sword of Might


Item Cost per battle =

Reprisal Sword 35 Gold
Hauberk 67 Gold
Chain Helmet 43 Gold
Hat of Knowledge 85 Gold
Amulet of Luck 43 Gold
Steel Helmet 56 Gold
Steel Cuirass 68 Gold
Light Mithril Boots 139 Gold
Pendant of Despair 131 Gold
Cape of Arcane Protection 105 Gold
Cape of Winds 56 Gold
Sword of Might 131 Gold
Dragon Shield 134 Gold

Only ask for arts if the renter is online, and dont hestitate PM please!
50 member celabration tournament as soon as we get 50 clan members.
1st clan tornement
Tournement types so far:
Gladiator Duels
Fight till the death(everyone for oneself)
Breaking War (3v3 then 2v2 then 1v1)

Tournament type coming up: Fight till the death (everyone for oneself)

Prices (gold to join):
no price

no prize

X-mas :2 points
Summer holidays:2 points
Your birthday :5 points or 500 gold
Easter (holiday) :1 point

Birthday list:

drakelord: October 30
bigmouth: June 6
treylee: September 2
ivo678: August 27
Pandurang sep 14
sterling4444 april 23rd
coolsunny1404 14 th april
power9000 14 sep

PM drakelord or ivo678 to say what day is ur birthday and he will put it on (members only).

Repairing:drakelord(10%) coolsunny1404(10%) Anton555(10%)ivo678(10%)herko(10%)

Enchanting:drakelord(1%free)ivo678(1% earth enchant free or a other enchant 1% )


1. Xenus 1500 gold beast1 800 gold
Animated avatars - 3500gold to 4500gold Depending on difficulty
Static avatar - 1500gold to 2500gold Depending on difficulty

Service will give you 3 free points (exept clan leader/co-learers) if u register your service!


Ticket price:100
Number is spinned once a week.
Choose a number 1-10;
If u win u get the whole pot;
If 2 people win it gets halved;
Max ticket number is 2;
(100 gold will go towards the clan bank).

Hunter records owned by Hammer of Faith #405
ivo678 [Knight] [7] - 365 ghosts
ivo678 [Knight] [6] - 218 ghosts
Dark_Disciple [Elf] [5] - 331 incendiaries
Dark_Disciple [Elf] [5] - 34 renegade thugs
ishan [Dark elf] [7] - 615 spawns

(Report drakelord if you make hunter record; members only!)

Ivo678 made the clan page
Tournaments; drakelord

~~Coming soon:~~

- Clan tournaments

Ally list:
#611 EMPIRE OF COURAGE AND DETERMINATION -- up to 5% discount (1000 gold)


Cheers, Hammer of Faith.

1.Offline drakelord 8 Leader, Recruiter, Faction Maker + smith and enchanter 
2.Offline Lord elfguy 7 Treasurer, Chronicler, Assist(er), Smith 10% 
3.Offline Lord Octavian_August 6 Scout -- Points:6 
4.Offline JoeyC 7 Scout--2 points 
5.Offline DPhantom 6 Scout -- Points:4 
6.Offline BloodEagle 5 Recruit -- Points: 13 
7.Offline hiyawu 7 Scout--2 points 
8.Offline princemine 4 Scout--2 points 
9.Offline Evil_Will 7 Warrior - 54 points 
10.Offline Jeffr 8 Scout--2 points 
11.Offline Pandurang 7 Scout--2 points 
12.Offline bigmouth 6 scout--2 points 
13.Offline Mistcloud 8 scout--2 points 
14.Offline jordan1 11 scout--2 points 
15.Offline treylee 14 Recruit -- Points: 24 (Drakelords dad) 
16.Offline Snorlax 7 Title: Recruit -- Points: 15 
17.Offline hi_all 7 scout--2 points 
18.Offline Lord BEH 5 scout--2 points 
19.Online #7490Dark-Ninja_lord 16 scout--2 points 
20.Offline Seleucus 10 Artifact rental service (Cheap!) scout -- 2 points 
21.Offline sam097 6 scout--2 points 
22.Offline Forworldpeace 5 scout--2 points 
23.Offline Lord Anton555 7 scout--3 points 
24.Offline coolsunny1404 9 scout 3 point 
25.Offline parichay12 9 scout--2 points 
26.Offline SoulOfThrasH 8  
27.Offline sterling4444 8  
28.Offline drakemen99 7  
29.Offline Lord beast1 6  
30.Offline borala1 5  
31.Offline -justtrain- 7  
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