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 » Leader: Lord True_Sebestor

 » Recruiter: -WIND-
 » Chronicler: -WIND-
 » Herald: -WIND-

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Long, long time ago, a peaceful tribe of hunters dwelt on the Empire lands. The man, who founded the tribe, tamed a Thunderbird fledgling when he was young. They grew together and the chieftain learnt how to imitate his feathered friend. Since that time all the tribe leaders have been taught to do that.

One day, hordes of invaders tried to conquer Empire lands. Peaceful hunters were forced to take their battleaxes, stand tall and fight for freedom. Foes smote all the tribes; they laid siege the Great Empire Capital. Defenders lay numbered with the dead, but those alive fought to the bitter end. Swarms of intruders grew larger and larger in numbers.

Then the chieftain of the clan issued the war-cry of Thunderbirds. Lots of feathered warriors flew from the nearest forests to help old friends fighting. Plenty of lightings could be seen here and there. Enemies were defeated and forced to withdraw.

After that, the Tribe of peaceful hunters was named The Thunderbirds Clan or simply Thunderbirds. Warriors of the Clan have guarded the Empire boundaries to deter potential aggressors.
The main purpose of our clan is to unite the best warriors from Russian-speaking countries. We want to be sure in our allies during the combats, so we choose the members very accurate.
Basic requests are:
1. Russian language
2. Skype
3. Good combat statistics and tactical skills
4. Willingness to cooperate and study
If you want to join our clan, pm to True_Sebestor or to -WIND-
VETERANS are those, who have won any kind of tournament.

1.Offline Lord True_Sebestor 12 VETERAN Leader 
2.Offline -WIND- 13 VETERAN Leader assistant, smiths 
4.Offline Zloy_Buka 9 Weapon enchanter 
5.Offline Jetrabbit 10  
6.Offline Krytoj 9  
7.Offline DShaman 16 Armour enchanter and jewelcrafter 
8.Offline Lady Kaliostra 8 The best and only student 
9.Offline Lord miniwolf 9 VETERAN 
10.Offline #7153Arban 11  
11.Offline Lord Lord_Of_Chaos 8 Weapon enchanter 
12.Offline  10  
13.Offline Lord_Vega 11  
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