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  #7412 Wolf Clan
 12 heroes

 » Leader: Ukak
 » Deputy: Sylin

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<<<<Welcome to the Wolf clan>>>>
Good day to all,
In this clan, we live as brothers... as a family... We are united towards a common goal: freedom!

Want to join? PM Ukak. No entry fee.

Members are given names based on units from the Wolf Clan from the game Battle Realms.

1.Offline #9595Ukak 14 Pack Master 
2.Offline Sylin 11 Gaihla 
3.Offline Lord Hallion91 15 Pitch Slinger 
4.Offline Prewelec 21 Longtooth 
5.Offline #17Pilot666 22 Grayback 
6.Offline ayush20 15 Brawler 
7.Online #7490shubhamgoyal 17 Hurler 
8.Offline -_NO--NAME_- 13 Mauler 
9.Offline Dark_Snow 11 Ballistaman 
10.Offline Gaara 14 Sledger 
11.Offline #9595legend-bouc 15 Berserker 
12.Offline #7705VijuT 10 Digger 
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