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#7419 Realm of the Angel Knights

 40 heroes

 » Leader: oldkey

 » Herald: suvosh

 » Clan page: http://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=419
 » Log

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Realm of the Angel Knights::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

If you find yourself surrounded by the Devils flames and in the presence of are mighty Angel you have been condemed to Hell!!!! we mighty Angels are your last chance of forgiveness before your soul belongs to Satan..........

Repent your Sins, Bow down and say your sorry!!!!!

for when you say it you shall be granted a place in are safe heaven.


Clan cost:

1000 gold over all to Clan Account

(However donations are welcome)

Donation system:

to donate gold transfer to either oldkey or Travis87 with a description: clan donation
(No description will be regarded as a random act of kindness LOL)

There are two routes you can take!!

Good or Evil (let the battles commence!!)
the benefits and donation points are different for each one so chose wisely there is no going back!! (unless you start your donation points again)

100 gold will get you 1 donation point
1 resource will get you 2 donation points
1 element will get you 3 donation points

1. follower.......0-20
2. Monk...........21-50 ........... Reward: A random hunters artifact
3. Priest.........51-90 ........... Reward: A random master hunters artifact
4. Saint..........91-130 ......... Reward: A random great hunters artifact
5. Angel Knight...131-160 ......... Reward: A steel blade
6. Gaurdian Angel.161-180 ......... Reward: An enchanted denfenders sheild
7. Arch Angel.....181-200 ......... Reward: A chance to become apart of the clan management
8. Angel Lord.....200

Demonic Angels
200 gold will get you 1 donation points
2 resources will get you 2 donation points
1 elemant will get you 3 donation points

1. Follower..........0-20
2. Thug..............21-50....Reward: A random master hunters item
3. Twisted Soul......51-90....Reward: A random great hunters item
4. Gate Keeper.......91-130...Reward: A denfenders sheild
5. Demon.............131-160..Reward: An enchanted sword of retribution
6. Demon Knight......161-180..Reward: A free art enchantment of your choice
7. Demonic Angel.....181-200..Reward: A chance to become apart of the clan management team
8. Demon Lord........200+

more rewards soon to be added!!


Clan Council


if you wish to be on the council please message oldkey for more details


1.Clan Tournaments

2. Punishment

More to be added

Clan Avatars

if you wish to have an animated avartar suvosh is now are clan avatar maker

(more information due to be added)


Clan Market

if you wish to sell your unwanted items to members of are clan at discount prices please speak to old key for more details



we have several members who are able to repair arts:

oldkey: repairs 10% of arts durability (will pay 1000 gold towards repair)
Travis87: repairs 10% of arts durability (message him to work out price)
YELLAR: repairs 30% of arts durability (for 100% of cost!!)
china_blue99: 90% of arts durability(cost 110% of repair cost)



we have recieved a large donation of elements from several members of are clan!! so if you want arts enchanted speak to oldkey regarding the item and make a small contribution towards replacing elements. and we will enchant your arts!!!

clan enchanters are:

oldkey: weaponsmith lvl 2 Armorsmith lvl 2
Divit: armorersmith lvl 1 will give you back 1500 gold for 2% enchantment
Burgod: armorersmith lvl 1
Kshitiz45: weaponsmith lvl 2

Theif invitation

We have 2 theif invitaion to rent to clan members!

Terms and conditions applied (these are implace so we know clan members are commintted to the growth of the clan)

1. You must be a clan rank of angel lord or a demon knight.
2. Once you reach TGI lvl 2 you must return the invitaion to the clan
3. we also want your first theif art so clan can use (other than that it is free to use)

Waiting list:

1. oldkey (in use)
2. barb2 (in use)
3. hunt4food
4. Divit

Finished TGI:

Travis87, Amethyst

message oldkey or Travis87 for more details

Clan Tournament

We shall be holding an unofficial tournament for any clan members to participate in. There are a few guidelines and rules but a chance to win plenty of gold

1) Entrance fee is 1k gold which is paid to Burgod who will deal with any entrants (You must add a description stating what the gold is for.)
2) You may battle as much as you want in the time period
3) You may battle anyone whether or not they are in the clan
4) Different battles are worth a different amount of points
5) AFK and greatly underleveled matches do not count
6) When a match is won send me a link of the match
7) 60% of the pot will go to the player with the most amount of points. 30% to the runner up and 10% to advancement of the clan

Points system

1 Point for a lose
2 points for a win in group battle (Because you are assisted)
3 points for a win in a duel


Rules of this Clan:

1. Respect all rules of Lords War and Money
2. Respect all members of are clan and Lords War and Money
3. Never Go AFK in battle you set up or in others (unless problems like connection which cannot be
4. Enjoy and have fun!!!!

P.s no battle is never unfair for instance lower levels joining higher level battles it is their own foolish fault for joining!!

However it does show a lack of abilities of the creating player!!!

1.Offline oldkey 6 leader (Angel Lord) 
2.Offline Travis87 9 Co-leader (Demonic Angel Lord) 
3.Offline XxstanleyXx 5 Follower (DP:20) 
4.Offline street1king 6 Priest (DP:70) 
5.Offline YELLAR 8 Follower (Clan Blacksmith Lvl 3) (DP:0) 
6.Offline scottpeter 7 Follower (DP:0) 
7.Offline Commander33 7 Angel lord (DP:206) 
8.Offline ForestFighter 10 Follower (DP:0) 
9.Offline NaughtyDaniel 7 Follower (DP:0) 
10.Offline Lord Tasaio 11 Follower (DP:13) 
11.Offline Golgauth 9 Follower (DP:0) 
12.Offline Maumau17 6 Demonic Lord (DP:207) 
13.Offline Lady Amethyst 10 Angel Lord (DP:281) 
14.Offline Lord myspace 7 Saint(DP:91) 
15.Offline #7181Lord lukeman56789 10 Follower (DP:0) 
16.Offline Rene32 6 Monk (DP:30) 
17.Offline hunt4food 6 Angel Lord (DP:205) 
18.Offline hockeymaniac 7 Follower (DP:10) 
19.Offline TheWizard65 7 Follower (DP:0) 
20.Offline amirulz 6 Follower (DP:0) 
21.Offline barb2 7 Follower (DP:0) 
22.Offline Keepor 11 Follower (DP:0) 
23.Offline megamagical88 7 Follower (DP:0) 
24.Offline Bobsponge47 6 Follower (DP:0) 
25.Offline snaipers300 8 Follower (DP:0) 
26.Offline ubris 9 Follower (DP:0) 
27.Offline DemonLets 6 Thug (DP:33) 
28.Offline cezar28 8 Follower (DP:0) 
29.Offline Gaped 5 Follower (DP:0) 
30.Offline Lord wildwild 9 Follower (DP:0) 
31.Offline Encephalon 7 Follower (DP:0) 
32.Offline devilslegacy 11 Follower (DP:40) 
33.Offline suvosh 8 Follower (DP:0) 
34.Offline Petoules 12 Evil Follower (DP:0) 
35.Offline tunja 6 Thug(DP:22) 
36.Offline arceus1999 6 Follower (DP:0) 
37.Offline Lord Sidewinder 8 Follower (DP:10) 
38.Offline jabli 5 Monk (DP:26) 
39.Offline okakrismawan 8  
40.Offline RobinOfTheHood 9  
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