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#7440 Lotus Clan

 7 heroes

 » Leader: Ukak
 » Deputy: Yanara

 » Log

<<<<Welcome to the Lotus Clan>>>>
"My struggles above the earth merely delay my final sleep there."
"Am I not the kindest of parents, who feeds ten thousand children with his own tender meat?"

Why should you join?
To spread the corruption!
To unleash the hatred!
To release the darkness!

Members are given names based on units from the Lotus Clan from the game Battle Realms.

Want to join? PM Ukak. No entry fee.

Note: the real goal of the clan is to keep this game alive.

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1.Offline Ukak 16 Brother Sehk 
2.Offline Lord Hallion91 15 Diseased One 
3.Offline Yanara 12 Leaf Disciple 
4.Offline Why_So_Serious 10 Unclean One 
5.Offline #9595legend-bouc 16 Infested One 
6.Offline #9595Igles 17 Staff Adept 
7.Offline #9595MyMight 15 Blade Acolyte 
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