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  #7440 Lotus Clan
 28 heroes

 » Leader: Ukak
 » Deputy: Sylin

 » Recruiter: MyMight, Instinctivity
 » Chronicler: Magical_Me
 » Herald: Magical_Me

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Welcome to the Lotus Clan!

Our goal is to play the game and keep it alive!

Anyone can join so long as his/her combat level is 5 or above.

All you have to do is send a private mail (PM) to Ukak or MyMight.

At the moment, it is free to join!

Members are given names based on units from the Lotus Clan from the game Battle Realms:

If you want to change the name or if you don't have one but want one, feel free to contact Ukak or Sylin.

1.Offline Ebou_Dar 6 Soban 
2.Offline Magical_Me 8 Brother Lythis 
3.Offline Lulouch 10 Brother Tausil 
4.Offline Ukak 13 Brother Sehk 
5.Offline Dodoria 8 Issyl 
6.Offline Sullo 6 Leaf Disciple 
7.Offline CRATE 7 Staff Adept 
8.Offline #7705Lord Hallion91 15 Diseased One 
9.Offline Cronical_Of_Elf 6 Infested One 
10.Offline CastleDefence 5 Warlock 
11.Offline Sylin 10 Channeler 
12.Offline #7705MyMight 13 Yvaine - Clan Recruiter 
13.Offline Why_So_Serious 9  
14.Offline matija_skok 8 Bromigo 
15.Offline Ben_Taken 6  
16.Offline necro-pimpek 9  
17.Offline Sandcrisp 6  
18.Offline soulhunter1 8  
19.Offline balaking 8  
20.Offline I_N_S_A_N_E 12  
21.Offline Instinctivity 8  
22.Offline kushagra5 7  
23.Offline Ur_End_Is_Here 12  
24.Offline bloody dark elf 8  
25.Offline Cyanide101 10  
26.Offline #9595legend-bouc 15  
27.Online VijuT 8  
28.Offline Pravin J 9  
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