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  #7531 Dark Elf Alliance
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 » Leader: Lord STB

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This clan is just for the Dark Elves... scum of the earth... cowards... and generally bad.

* Requirements to join: Dark Elf, combat level 5, clean transfer log, and a good personality, plus 1234 gold entry fee, no other fees or taxes.

* If you want to join, please send 1234 gold to Lord STB stating that it is for clan registration.

* You may change to another faction to gain resistance but you should have the DE faction level higher or equal to the other factions. Or at least be a DE in heart and soul.

* Repair service:
Lord STB: Repairs 90% for 101% cost
The Unwise1: Repairs 80% for 90% cost
MrSelfDestruct: Repairs 60%. See profile for offer.
SHIZOMANIAK Repairs 50% for 30% cost
zatnw555: Repairs 40% for 50% cost

* Enchanting service:
Lord STB: 5*12% Weapon enchant
Lord STB: 5*24% Armor enchant
Devil_King69: Weapon enchant

* Leasing service:
Lord T1000: Shop and other Artifacts - un-enchanted
Devil_King69: Shop and other Artifacts - un-enchanted

You can raise your rank with gold donations or get points for recruiting people or finding cheaters.
Donation's program:
200,000+___(God[Goddess] of DarkElves)
150,000+___(King[Queen] of DarkElves)
100,000+___(Prince[Princess] of DarkElves)
75,000+___(DarkElf Elder)
50,000+___(DarkElf of Death)
40,000+___(Higher DarkElf)
30,000+___(Great Dark Assassin)
20,000+___(Dark Assassin)
10,000+___(Dark Watcher)
5,000+___(Dark illusionist)
1,000+___(Dark Apprentice)
0-999___(Common DarkElf)

You get 1000 in rank for each player you recruit or 500 for each cheater found in our ranks. Cheaters will be evicted or fined.

1.Offline Assenys 6 Dark Watcher (12k) 
2.Offline Leviticus 6 Common DarkElf 
3.Offline killeraxe 7 Common DarkElf 
4.Offline Lord metroguys 13 Common DarkElf 
5.Offline sprakhar3 7 Common DarkElf 
6.Offline zatnw555 8 Dark Apprentice (1k), Smith 
7.Offline sunnyhunny67 8 Common DarkElf 
8.Offline charan008 6 Common DarkElf 
9.Offline bloodhunter34 7 Dark Apprentice (1k) 
10.Offline #7490god_mom 16 Common DarkElf 
11.Offline daeptic1 6 Common DarkElf (.5k) 
12.Offline #7705Lord STB 14 Leader, Enchanting Weapon and Armor 
13.Offline Eser 6 Dark Apprentice (1k) 
14.Offline StrawberryClump 8 Common DarkElf 
15.Offline Evan15 8 Dark Apprentice (1.1k) 
16.Offline jaf_81 7 Dark Apprentice (1.4k) 
17.Offline Winoal 9 Common DarkElf (.3k) 
18.Offline Lord devilmarios 10 Common DarkElf 
19.Offline prichter1 9 Common DarkElf 
20.Offline Lady misaisagona 11 Common DarkElf 
21.Offline #7279sanskaragarwal 10 Common DarkElf 
22.Offline PirateOfMen 11 Common DarkElf 
23.Offline lebanese 8 Common DarkElf 
24.Offline Lord _Spaun_ 5 Common DarkElf 
25.Offline DaChick 14 Common DarkElf 
26.Offline lordofnestora 9 Common DarkElf 
27.Offline Flayna 8 Common DarkElf 
28.Offline SelfDestruction 9 Common DarkElf, Smith 
29.Offline Thar-Egal 6 Common DarkElf 
30.Offline catch22 11 Common DarkElf 
31.Offline thakorn 6 Common DarkElf 
32.Offline SunMen737 6 Common DarkElf 
33.Offline #4201ottffssent 14 Common DarkElf 
34.Offline da-Barbarian 6 Common DarkElf 
35.Offline wahidali 7 Common DarkElf 
36.Offline jaja_cool 6 Common DarkElf 
37.Offline devilball 9 Common DarkElf 
38.Offline Lord lord_star 6 Common DarkElf 
39.Offline dark_lord_king 6 Common DarkElf 
40.Offline poom10 6 Common DarkElf 
41.Offline tempest_typhoon 5 Common DarkElf 
42.Offline souldestructor 8 Common DarkElf 
43.Offline evilskyterrorr 8 Common DarkElf 
44.Offline #7382DeasprateDesire 10  
45.Offline #7705astorgate 17  
46.Offline men in black 11  
47.Offline reasonh 8  
48.Offline Pravin J 9  
49.Offline #7705Lord_Maxi 10  
50.Offline Devil_King69 6 Leasing Artifacts - un-enchanted 
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