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#7540 Heavenly Guardians

 47 heroes

 » Leader: Anshuman007

 » Recruiter: Pranav_Bhasin, sauhard
 » Chronicler: Pranav_Bhasin
 » Herald: Pranav_Bhasin

 » Log


Our clan was formed when demonic creatures had spread chaos at a large scale. The Almighty God of War seleceted the most elite, skilled and powerful heroes of the empire.These warriors were known as HEAVENLY GUARDIAN. These heroes spent whole of their lives developing heroes like them.We the descendants are looking for more so more of HEAVENLY GUARDIANS can be created.We are looking for the heroes who can turn a lost battle into a victory.


Our one and only AIM

To develop the most powerful heroes of the Empire


1. To follow the game rules.

2. To play timely from the start till the end.

3. Not being AFK ( Away From Keyboard ) or offline until and unless there is an emergency.

REQUIREMENTST( Least 3 necessary to be taken in clan)

1. 5th combat level
2. 2st level of Hunters' Guild
3. 3Rd level of Laborers' Guild
4. 1st level of Mercenaries' Guild
5. Should not be buried under heavy loans
6. Smiths and Enchanters are given more priority.
7. Artifact renters are given more priority.
8. Fair play and clean transfer logs.


We will organize regular clan tournaments in combat and tavern and a prize is rewarded to the winner.
Every month during non-tournament time we will organize tournament.
Entry fees for it will be 500 gold and Prizes will be given to 1st,2nd and 3rd Position holders. and there will be incentives as well.
After collection of gold , the distribution of gold for prizes is as follows-
I.Main Prizes (50% of total Amount)
1st Position-50% of total main prize
2nd Position-30% of total main prize
3rd Position-20% of total main prize
II. Incentives(50% of total amount collected)
Distributed equally among top 10% of player ranking
Renting Artifacts
1.Pranav_Bhasin rents clan owned artifact that are hunter and master hunter sets
I.Hunter Set ->585 gold per battle(For clan members-> 575)
Hunter Hat ->65 gold per battle(For clan members->63)
Hunter Pendant ->65 gold per battle(For clan members->63)
Hunter Shirt ->65 gold per battle(For clan members->63)
Hunter Bow ->75 gold per battle(For clan members->73)
Hunter Glove ->65 gold per battle(For clan members->63)
Hunter Glove ->65 gold per battle(For clan members->63)
Hunter Broadsword ->45 gold per battle(For clan members->43)
Hunter Boots ->65 gold per battle(For clan members->63)
Hunter Shield ->75 gold per battle(For clan members->73)


*How to earn CPs earned ?
*Clan points are earned by doing some thing good to the clan(Winning clan tournament,donation)
*Other than that for every 100 gold you donate to the clan, you earn 1 CPs. Other activivies are judged like wise

**What is the use of earning CPs ?
**Every month an artifact is rewarded to the hero who earns the maximum amount of Clan Points of that month

Our clan offers not only other thing but also loans for the needy ,we know bad times come to all.
We have 2 ways of giving money
We offer big loans on the condition that you give us artifacts, TGI, rare and special things, etc.
We give you the loan = The selling price of the valuables. and a maximum time span of 1 month.
Once you recover the money,send us money and we will return you your valuables.If failed to comply with the same the valuables will be sold and money will be recovered from the same.
Small sum of loans can be obtained as well and there is no need to give your valuables.
These loans wont be big and at maximum are 1000gold*[Combat Level]. Maximum time is 1 month.

Conditions for the same are
1. Atleast 4th level of laborers' guild
2. No roulette
3. Only trustworthy and known players are given loans /mortgage.Must have good contact with good position holders


Membership Fee:1500gold

1.Offline Anshuman007 8 The Leader 
2.Offline Pranav_Bhasin 7 The Vice Leader-Messenger of God Of Guardians-Artifact Rent 
3.Offline PRANAV_1 6  
4.Offline Lord ssd 6  
5.Offline omarramo4 7  
6.Offline mo3tafa_a 5  
7.Offline Lord daastan100 6  
9.Offline king_ravi 8  
10.Offline joey_jordison7 7  
11.Offline xytyz 9  
12.Offline Dark Ninja 10  
13.Offline Bigjaw 7  
14.Offline Lord LordR 9  
15.Offline tegkhanna 9  
16.Offline speedygus 6  
17.Offline hero82 10  
18.Offline passe 10  
19.Offline orcsambush 9  
20.Offline lady_warior 10  
21.Offline NewKids1 6  
22.Offline welfer 9  
23.Offline Wahesh-wehesh 13  
24.Offline Firedragon1 6  
25.Offline lego99931 8  
26.Offline HREXS 7  
27.Offline Osama99 6  
28.Offline Tobi_HalfDead 7  
29.Offline king_king 5  
30.Offline diksha2004 8  
31.Offline Man_utd_freva 9  
32.Offline #7382emporlion 8  
33.Offline joyuan 5  
34.Offline SlackRamen 8  
35.Offline VAGOSKILLER19 6  
36.Offline ThePandemonium 5  
37.Offline Lord nfsu242 8  
38.Offline utlars 9  
39.Offline #9595Igles 17  
40.Offline rropke2255 13  
41.Offline nonin 7  
42.Offline Lady Pantere 8  
43.Offline king_of_991men 8  
44.Offline fatfatty 5  
45.Offline bye97 8  
46.Offline s4w4n1 6  
47.Offline #9595Instinctivity 10  
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