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  #7587 Homeland Security
 13 heroes

 » Leader: Brianna_Sampson

 » Recruiter: TripleTrix, SocialSurgery, Lord Daymare
 » Chronicler: TripleTrix, SocialSurgery, Councilor Kalirosh
 » Herald: TripleTrix, SocialSurgery, Councilor Kalirosh

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Homeland Security is the Empire's most respected judicial bastion. Our sole purpose, as a clan, is to purge the Empire of all brigands and vagrants, thus relinquishing the fear of robbery and ambush on our roads. Instead, we will be the ones instigating fear into the sewage of society. Councilor Kalirosh has graced us with his support, pledging his assistance towards our righteous cause.


If you're interested in joining Homeland Security, your attention must solely be invested towards our aims -- we will be your only clan. Exceptions can be made if your current clan(s) are respectable, and void of ambiguous pretenses. Ultimately, your interests must be in favour of the Empire.

Furthermore, there are no taxes with the exception of the initial deposit of 500 gold to cover the costs of the invitation. Although there is no clan tax, donations are always welcome in furthering the Empire's just cause.

If you wish to join the clan and remain in other clans, without having to dispute it, you may pay an additional cover fee of 1500 -- a total of 2000 Gold to join. This is open to intelligent discussion, but we do prefer that this be your sole organization.


Thieves hanged: 172

As a reminder, send any links of defeated thieves to SocialSurgery, via private mail (they must be defeated by the sender), and they will be scribed to our records. Increased favour is endowed upon those who collect more bandit skulls. In the future, competitions will be held boasting rewards for the detainment and destruction of our Empire's most dangerous parasitical delinquents.


It is the privilege of exceptional members of homeland security to obtain exquisite medallions, boasting of their owner's skill and efficiency in the defense of our Empire.


a minimum of a month shall be spent in the clan, proceeding the distribution of any emblem. Also note that thief kills are not retroactive; if any are defeated before joining our guild, they will not contribute to your total kills. If you are going through the one month initiation period, however, the kills will tally (although you cannot receive the emblems until the month has expired).

We reward loyalty.

Also note that rewards may increase in potency when our financial status is bolstered, as it is sure to over time~

Emblem List:

o (1) Emblem of The Tracker

- A cobalt hued disc portraying the eye of an avian beast.

- Commonly awarded in commendation of a first kill.

Reward: 50 Gold

o (3) Emblem of The Pacifier

- A token of copper, wrought roughly into a circle of sorts. It presents a gloved hand raised in warning.

- Granted to loyal soldiers for their diligence in defending the realm.

Reward: 125 Gold

o (6) Emblem of The Gallant

- Bronze medallion, inlaid with a greyish white metal -- possibly a lesser form of silver.

- Awarded for commitment, perseverance, and loyalty. A sign of trust, widely recognized in the Empire.

Reward: 200 Gold

o (10) Emblem of The Chivalrous

- A florid design encases the picture of a golden cross helm. The bronze insignia gleams righteously.

- Often dismissed as an award bestowed with fancy upon any candidate, due to its ambiguous representation. It is generally given to those who execute pertinent lawful, and subsequently moral, actions.

Reward: 300 Gold

o (15) Emblem of The Valorous

- Due to the importance of this emblem, it is etched into an important piece of armor. It is commonly sculpted through the application of melted metals and dyes, fastidiously arranged in the pattern of a magnificent angel with azure eyes, its arms thrown outwards in a gesture of triumph.

- A significant achievement. Associated with festivals and parades, since it represents the glory of passing a trial, or upholding an honorable duty. Common examples include the end of a new officer's training, or the initiation of a temple's guardian after many years of prayer and dedication.

Reward: 200 Gold, 2 resources


o (30) Emblem of The Noble

- A placid scene of a silver lake surrounded by hallowed monuments. The emblem is cut from silver, and decorated with soft bronze filigree.

- Handed to exceptional guardsmen in honor of their assertive peace keeping.

Reward: 450 Gold, 1 resource, minor artifact

o (50) Emblem of The Devout

- A small button-like medal, crafted from a brand of shimmering alloy. A simple, yet intrinsically defined, crown is etched into its centre.

- Presented to the most steadfast of realm protectors. Traditionally given in honor of ten years of service to the Empire, or for especially brave or honorable actions.

Reward: 600 Gold, 3 resources, 1 material

o (75) Emblem of The Glorious

- A brightly laden crest, decorated with colors of cherry and gold. The primary artwork depicts a lavish spear standing upright, with a gauntleted hand holding it to attention.

- The empire's finest guardsmen require this award to become drafted into service. Given to the most elite of sentries in recognition of their dedication and sincerity practiced in their duty.

Reward: 700 Gold, 3 resources, lesser artifact

o (105) Emblem of The Champion

- A verdant amulet, inscribed with golden circles. It hosts the portrait of a knight on horseback, lance raised to the skies in triumph.

- Commonly given to winners of tournaments such as jousting, fencing, or hunting. Not just any tournament, though. They are reserved for the greatest tournaments in the Empire.

Reward: 750 Gold, 6 resources, 1 material

o (140) Emblem of The Hero

- The emblem is melted from the purest gold. Its construction is pristine, a glowing majestic statue of an armored warrior in its midst. It stands confidently, with its swordarm, complete with golden blade, pointing at you. The effect is impressive and additionally, it is slightly intimidating.

- Few procure this prestigious emblem. It is only given out to the bravest of individuals, in honor of spectacular services rendered to the crown. The action shall be no less than heroic in nature and execution, and arduous for even the most powerful of mortal men. Any receiving this reward should feel blessed, for they have accomplished something few dare to dream of doing.

Reward: 1,000 Gold, artifact


o (200) Emblem of The Illustrious

Reward: 1,500 Gold, 10 resources, 2 materials

o (275) Emblem of The Magnanimous

Reward: 2,500 Gold, 6 resources, artifact

o (375) Emblem of The Eminent

Reward: 4,000 Gold, 4 materials

o (500) Emblem of The Sublime

Reward: 7,000 Gold, greater artifact

o (1000) Emblem of The Omnipotent

Reward: 50,000 Gold

1.Offline Brianna_Sampson 10 The Pacifier (6/6) $10,000 
2.Offline TripleTrix 12 The Devout (66/75) 
3.Offline SocialSurgery 10 The Glorious (79/105) $2,000 
4.Offline Lord Daymare 8 The Tracker (1/3) 
5.Offline Councilor Kalirosh 16  
6.Offline Neitherine 6 (0/1) $30,000 
7.Offline Shadow_of_Death 7 (0/1) $270 
8.Offline Lord Andre3000 9 (0/1) 
9.Offline Flayyan 10 The Tracker (1/3) $166 
10.Offline ANTI-hacker 11 The Tracker (2/3) 
11.Offline FlabYadi 11 The Pacifier (3/6) 
12.Offline #7705Lord Hallion91 15 The Tracker (1/3) 
13.Offline Grixomas 6 Initiated on Nov. 6th (0/0) 
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