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#7630 Amazon Warriors

 44 heroes

 » Leader: Gypsygirl

 » Recruiter: aleenna, Nega, -gurl-barbarian, Cutedollar

 » Log

INTRODUCTION: In the distant past in many parts of the world women were worshipped and respected for there strenth, wisdom and life creating ways, until the world of men rose up against this telling women they were weak and stupid taking the world from us and making it there own,

Women we are strong and wise and should be loved, feared, and respected, as we once were. If you are female and wise to empower your self then rise up and take up your place as a Amazon Warrior.

We are not a man hating clan, after all they have their uses don't they.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:Smiths and Enchanters needed.

POLICIES: Invitations are free now, Payed for buy leader, a gift of 500 gold to recruiter from leader 750 gold for officers, No mandatory taxes, Sorry no men.

OTHER RANDOM STUFF: Leader will not respond to any messages on weekends even if online, unless its regarding invites or Enchantments.


Leader - Gypsygirl

Tactical Advisor and Artifact Renter -P3nnyw1se-

Master Hunter Renter - aleenna

Great Hunter Renter - Anlain

Smiths- Gypsygirl,aleenna, china_blue99,JasiN (see profiles for details)

Weapon enchanters- Gypsygirl,Anlain (see profile for details)

Armor enchanters- Gypsygirl,JasiN (see profile for details)

Jewel enchanters- Gypsygirl (see profile for details)

-P3nnyw1se- 500 Gold
CuteDollar 12000 Gold
viola17 500 Gold
jamielyn 1000 Gold
yuniefa 100000 Gold

Military Ranks highest to lowest:
General, Lieutenant-General, Major-General, Brigadier, Colonel, Lieutenant-Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal, Lance Corporal.

Rank is worked out by (donation amount x combat level) highest value = highest rank and 2nd highest value = 2nd highest rank and so on. Minimum donation for rank 500 gold.

General yuniefa
Lieutenant-General Cutedollar,
Major-General jamielyn
Brigadier -P3nnyw1se-,
Colonel viola17

1.Offline Gypsygirl 12 Leader, Smith, and Enchanter 
2.Offline Herenna 7  
3.Offline aleenna 16 Recruiter 
4.Offline Lady charmed 10  
5.Offline Nega 6 Recruiter 
6.Offline Incredibia 10  
7.Offline -gurl-barbarian 10 Recruiter 
8.Offline Lady Sex-girl 11  
9.Offline google84 7  
10.Offline Cutedollar 9 Lieutenant-General, Recruiter 
11.Offline Keena 9  
12.Offline #7181asteria 16 Thief 
13.Offline Senuia 9  
14.Offline -Aniola- 10  
15.Offline krystabell 6  
16.Offline Jasina 11 Smith and Armour Enchanter 
17.Offline Lady TURBINA 8  
18.Offline elfquest 9  
19.Offline FairLady 8  
20.Offline dariyana 12  
21.Offline fernjung 8  
22.Offline Lady Coralline 12  
23.Offline Shibbolleth 8  
24.Offline Lady Anlain 12 Great hunter art set renter and weapon enchanter 
25.Offline Astarael 5  
26.Offline jamielyn 7 Major-General 
27.Offline motherearthmel 5  
28.Offline Psychoo 8  
29.Offline Karsot 13  
30.Offline PandaMonia 7  
31.Offline yuniefa 11 General 
32.Offline Symsara 6  
33.Offline Lady HelgaWedmar 6  
34.Offline sweethe4rt 7  
35.Offline me11_great 7  
36.Offline kisangyal 12  
37.Offline kwc1996 11  
38.Offline phatzaa3 8  
39.Offline bullseye123 6  
40.Offline LadyPenelope 6  
41.Offline Abi_Normal 8  
42.Offline Lliandra 8  
43.Offline Lady raluca 10  
44.Offline crystalina 7  
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