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#7746 Infernal Mutiny

 18 heroes

 » Leader: Vlaer
 » Deputy: VRBack

 » Recruiter: Igles, Lord Sieg_Hart, Angons
 » Chronicler: Igles, Dragjons90, Roars-Of-Night, Angons
 » Herald: Igles, Dragjons90, Dbest, Angons

 » Log

With our homeland submerged under hot magma, many of us who had endured the apocalypse had managed to catch a boat and travel to a new land...a land very similar to our own. With our beloved Empress no more, all we could do was to have a truce with the Empress of the new found land. All things looked well and good, but nothing came by without enduring much hardships. Slowly, our powers reduced...we vanished into oblivion with no one to look after us, no one to care for us, no one who considered us as dignified creatures pertaining to various races other than treating us as filth. Yet we lived on. But for how long? For how long shall we be crushed under the tyrannous rule of the new land? How long shall we endure the never ending hardships and sufferings? Its time we raise our voice! Its time we stand out from the rest of the crowd as shining stars! Its time we carve a place for ourselves in this huge world!

In this world dominated by the Russian players, we are crushed...we are dominated...we are left helpless. We need an abode to protect ourselves from the impending doom but such an institution in possible to be constructed only if we stand together as one. And Infernal Mutiny was founded for the sole purpose of doing that. We don't have a supreme leader, we don't have a tyrannous monarchy. Everything that happens here is through public consent. We are more than just a clan...we are a force that shall pave a way for us to survive in this world; to help us all stand strong against the overwhelming forces of the new land. Together we stand, divided we fall. United, we conquer! And that's what we shall do. We are here to conquer this new world, not just be a speck of dirt in this huge unknown world.

Joining Prerequisites:

1. Main Character with Combat Level 5 or above.
2. Clean Transfer Log.
3. Good in-game reputation.
4. Ability to communicate fluently and efficiently in English.

How to join?

1. Make sure that you fulfill all joining prerequisites and then send an application to join the clan via Private Mail to any of the official Clan Recruiters, Clan Deputy or the Clan Leader. If you have already been invited, send your consent to the officials listed in the former sentence.
2. Clan joining fee is 5k gold only. Send it to one of the Clan Recruiters, Clan Deputy or the Clan Leader.
3. Clan invitation will be sent as soon as the fee has been paid.

Welcome to Infernal Mutiny!

Current Goal: Militarization...

1.Offline Vlaer 8 [India GMT +5:30] Clan Leader [Elite Member] 
2.  #9595Igles17 [India GMT +5:30] Clan Manager [Elite Member] 
3.Offline Coldevil 7 [India GMT +5:30] [Clan Herald] 
4.Offline abbyw23 11 [Elite Member] 
5.Offline Rantos 11 [Malaysia GMT +8:00] Elite Member 
6.Online #7490Lord STB 15 [Enchanter - Weapons: 5x10%; Armor: 5x10% FREE] 
7.Offline heroegles 10  
8.  #1209rikudosennin17 [India GMT +5:30] 
9.Offline blast_them 5 [Elite Member] 
10.Offline #7490Lady SladurAna 16 [Repairer - 80% for 65% costs] 
11.Offline Dragjons90 15 [Sweden GMT +1:00] Clan Manager [Elite Member] 
12.Offline killer_dash 9 [India GMT +5:30] Elite Member 
13.Offline Lord Sieg_Hart 10 [Repairer - 20% for Free] Clan Recruiter 
14.Offline Dbest 11 (Indian) Clan (Herald) 
15.Offline VRBack 11 (Deputy) commander 
16.Offline Roars-Of-Night 10 (Indian) Clan (Recruiter) 
17.Offline Angons 10 clan advertiser ;) 
18.Offline Ди-Джей Эбан 13  
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