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  #8095 Brothers In Arms
 17 heroes

 » Leader: Arcanide
 » Deputy: CertifiedRogue

 » Recruiter: MidGett
 » Chronicler: MidGett, Wonderla
 » Herald: MidGett, Wonderla

 » Clan page: http://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=2396416
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Brothers In Arms is only for those who seek true friendship in and out of the game.
The clan is, as you can see, a home base for three brothers.

Joining fee is 1000 coins. This is needed to invite people.

Storage for money (Keeping it safe instead of wasting it on roulette, etc. ) is allowed.
Send the amount of money to Arcanide with description "Safe keeping in clan". You can withdraw it any time (with PM).

Current Gold in Storage:
>> CertifiedRogue - 87,500 (Not to be returned until level 9)

In this clan, we will unravel your name and find out exactly what it means!

1.Offline MidGett 5 A person of unusually short stature (also called a Dwarf) 
2.Offline Arcanide 17 Typo in creating character, meant "Arcanine 
3.Offline Kunoichi_1 15 Wannabe female Ninja (even though he's a male. Weird huh?) 
4.Offline Armanth 13 I have no idea what her name means 
5.Offline #7705Lord Tyrannus 15 An evil sorcerer in the old Roman Empire 
6.Offline Lady Elwe 10 One that is fascinated by "The Hobbit" Chronicles 
7.Offline kushagra5 7 One of the many Kushagra's 
8.Offline Wonderla 14 An Amusement Park of its own 
9.Offline CertifiedRogue 8 A Rogue which felt the need to declare his trivial status 
10.Offline #7490RecorderPT 21 He loves to record everything he does. (Including.. 'that') 
11.Offline Lord selfist 20 Selfish person calling himself 'Lord of not spending gold' 
12.Offline #7490Mr Bonedragon 20 A fearsome warrior, well known for boning dragons! 
13.Offline #7490Fire-King 17 Can't control fire! Self-inflicted burns gave him his name. 
14.Offline RayXe 6 He's very 'special' (dyslexic). He meant to type XRay. 
15.Offline #4776rapNation 12 A wannabe rapper whom posts 'cool' selfies on Instagram 
16.Offline #9595legend-bouc 15 He's a rallylover yet plays as a slow knight 
17.Offline #7705Lord_Maxi 10 He named himself after makeup (bit weird) 
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