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AuthorEverything about .ru
@2918. Sure there is, but you must be rich to do that, to have better arts than defenders, mean enchanted items or more.
for syrian:
Rumours of a change abound, but no confirmation
Sure there is, but you must be rich to do that, to have better arts than defenders, mean enchanted items or more.

not quite true I guess. I saw people winning this with min ap, seems like it has dynamic balance just like TG
I noticed there is a new part in the market on .ru: transportation (at least that's how google translates it). It's new, has zero items in it. I suppose that you'll soon be able to buy and trade mounts. I wonder though if they would give any other advantage besides faster travel (which is of course a nice advantage on .ru).
Heroes, today paid a visit of representatives of the Guardians of the forest to the capital of the Empire. Solemn meeting quickly turned into a negotiation. Help the heroes against the raids of the thieves was quite handy. Keepers of the forest offered version of the Empire, against which even the leader of the dwarves from Tolgara, there was no objection. They offered their animals as a means of travel to all the heroes of the Empire, in return for protection of their habitat from thieves and other possible enemies.
At the end of the negotiations, were immediately taken the following steps:
1) Send the Imperial Guard in the area "Plain Titans" in order to get rid of thieves and stop them in ambush.
2) To organize a shelter for animals, where each character will be able to choose transport for themselves.

Heroes! Ambushes of thieves on the Guardians of the forest stopped by the Empire. Voivod Grammy got the job - to develop new mechanisms to combat thieves' guild. And the store added a new section "Transport", where the hero of any level can buy a vehicle for 7 days. Transport is characterized by three parameters: speed, difficult route - the possibility of two mouse clicks to cross the entire map, you just need to choose a destination on the map and click on the icon horse, which appeared in the center of the circle with the directional arrows, antitheft - Protection from falling into an ambush the thieves.
now players in .ru have another reason to donate. good job, admins
Elephant - 30% faster movement (120 seconds becomes 84 sec), 2000 gold
Ox - 50% faster movement (120 seconds becomes 60 sec), 3000 gold
Horse - 70% faster movement (120 seconds becomes 36 sec), Can auto-pilot across multiple regions, 6000 gold
Unicorn - 80% faster movement (120 seconds becomes 24 sec), Can auto-pilot across multiple regions, 1 diamond
Dragon - 90% faster movement (120 seconds becomes 12 sec), Can auto-pilot across multiple regions, Hero cannot be ambushed, 2 dismonds
This will be only useful on .ru cuz they have big map, i dont think it will be that useful for us because we have a small map and it would just waste our gold.
If they remove the auto-pilot ability of horse, they could get more diomond donations.
Go http://www.heroeswm.ru/forum_messages.php?tid=1267234 and congrate me! :P
Can auto-pilot across multiple regions,

what is auto pilot, to go from YL to SH with one click?
There is a script for that already

and i think the mounts are good. Especially on events like we had with the saboteur destructors. With a 12 second travel time we could have killed a lot more of them :D
for Sven91:
It provides Official script action for a low, low price... :p. Guess Admin wanted to incorporate it
The script for auto-moving is'n working now, cause it's an ability of some kind of transport now.

The script wasn't official, it was officially permitted.
[Post deleted by moderator cantbstopped // Do not spam here and there with your referal link // warning]
[Player banned by moderator cantbstopped until 2011-06-23 14:03:24 // Do not spam here and there with your referal link // warning]
http://www.heroeswm.ru/forum_messages.php?tid=1269341 :p
Dark Tournament

Riding on a dragon-colored young foliage young elf quickly raced over the treetops of the forest robbers. I think he had noticed a few thieves lurking in the woods. But where are they now keep up with the beast, which is speeding faster than the wind? It seemed only a few moments ago he had just crossed the gates of the capital, and now and to Bear Mountain at hand. That's where the hero and had his way in search of old friends who went for a few hours ago to hunt harpies. He carried them the good news about an event the importance of the Empire - the start of the 8th dark tournament this evening. Although, maybe he just wanted to show off his scaly acquisition. Who these elves understand? However, thanks to dragon agility, heroes, hunters could still catch the opening of the tournament. But the elf himself no longer doubted that have time and decided to perform even in passing a few small assignments to the guild of mercenaries.

Heroes, today launched the 8th dark tournament. Do not miss the opportunity to participate and show their best fighting qualities in the fighting, where it is all about tactics and cunning, which can only trust yourself. Throw this challenge the best heroes of the Empire and earn fame, achievement and a large number of skill points and faction guild.
Has anyone else had difficulty joining th dark tournament? ~For some reason I cannot fathom it won't let me
this is my ru account. should i do something different?
can someone plz give me somee ru link of cg lvl 15+ with at least one dwarf?
duels or 3vs3
for Woosh:
Dwarf vs Elf: http://www.heroeswm.ru/warlog.php?lt=-1&warid=307311631
Dwarf vs DE: http://www.heroeswm.ru/warlog.php?lt=-1&warid=305687335

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