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All about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorAll about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy
What do u mean by -
sorry ..:) - at that point?
I suggest NEVER WEAR THEM .. :) or u will get many advantages :) - Advantages or Disadvantages?
I was just destroyed by a caravan of barbs. Was that caravan just impossible to beat with so many ogres or did I make some mistakes?

Wrong link Javi:


I would suggest keeping all your Xbows in one stack and in one corner. This is how I did ALL my TG fights (using the below setup):

thanks half! I'll give that formation a try for my next ambush.
And also cover them completely for safety.
for speed_dragon: That should be disadvantage ... :)

I said Sorry just to show that no offense there ^^

Coz Elves and DE have the lowest numbers of troops, then They should have worn more morales .. :)
What is the best setup (troops, talents and tactic in battle) for vanguard of necromancers at lvl 8? I basically go for defending tactic, but when this vanguard reach {10} the success is seems to me that became almost impossible even with full arties. Can you give me some advices?
My last necro vanguard combat {9}
skip it if you can do it. you still have a lot quest to go with :)
what's a good min ap set to use? I'm asking because I would like to set have a backup min ap set for those gray or green hunts and save my big arts for when I really need them. What can you guys recommend?
reprisal sword + defendershield + leather armor + medal of bravery
is the cheapest set to gt 9 AP
for 427 -
I use this tactics: V. of necromancers = {14}https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?lt=-1&warid=9085528

but I think for your lvl is {10} enough , wait for lvl up :)
wots a good troop settlement for a lv 5 knight with only 1 skill point so i dont have as many troops?
Increase ur sw to max and recruits to 3 and then split recruits into 3 and use them to cover the bowmen who would be in a corner.
Hi, I just got to lvl 3 and is soooo excited !! haha. Just a few Qs -

1) From what I have observed, are Knights the worst (weakest) generally in the game? Coz when I looked at the Top Players list, knights seems to have the least players up there. :( I'm asking, coz is it a good idea to change faction/race, since I'm still at an early lvl.. ?

2) I'm at lvl 3, but it seems that I can't buy, and more importantly, USE, anything from the Artifact Shop, other than the Wooden Sword and Round Shield, which I have been using since lvl 1! :( I saw a leather armour (ehich from the name, a knight is supposed to be able to use), but there's no "Buy" button for me to click.. :/

IS there some sort of list I can refer to to tell me what are the list of inventory a Knight can use?

3) Where can I read about Escort? What are they? Is there a battle I can see an Escort in action?

Thanks in advance !

Newbie Knight. :)
Hmm.. I just saw darklightz in post #430 mentioned arming Leather Armour. And since the it says in Artifact shop -

Cost: Gold: 600, Ore:1
Required level: 3

and I'm at lvl 3, and have enough gold and ore to buy it, why is there no "Buy" button for me to click? :/
I know.. I know.. u peps is thinking, why this knight have so many Qs.. haha..

Hey, I just joined this game, and I'm excited !! :p

So, last Q for now -

Is there any benefit if I am to change faction for a few days? Say, I change to a Elf or Necro, just to get some magic lvl up, will it benefit me when I switch back to Knight? If yes, what faction should I choose, and get to which lvl?

Thanks in advance ! :)
for shop arts if there are 0 in stock, then you can buy none, click on alternative purchase site.

for escort

hero chooses 1 stack to escort (i guess in spellbook) and looses and moves again in 50% of normal time (like moral), then whenever that stack is hit by a unit (in melee combat), hero deals dmg to the attacker. For each such a retaliation from hero he is moved backwards on the ATB for some % (don't know exact number)

for other factions

you will get 3% resistance per faction from that specific faction, e.g. you are knight lvl 1, so you have 3% resistance to other knights.
Thanks Ranor for the answers. Great help.

So what u are trying to say is - IF an item is in stock, and I have the level, gold and material to buy it, than me, as a Knight, can definitely use the item (besides portion and spells)?
I see a light axe in Production, and I can buy it. Can a Knight (or any of his troops) arm the axe in inventory?

Sorry if this has been covered, but I tried looking at the forums, but can't find the answer.. or someone would be kindly enough to kindly point me to a thread.. would be greatly appreciated ! :)

Thanks in advance. :)
you can equipp all items if you fullfill the lvl requirement. You hero has to equip them in his invetory. Troops can use no items, but they profit from the increased parameter of your hero.

I advise you to browse this page, there is a lot of usefill information

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