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Eternal Wars


AuthorEternal Wars
lol Nice story but Revee will not do that.That's not a part of the storyline.
Good story. It's interested me. I think about write story about LordsWM... no, that will be bad...
Several reapers appeared out of the darkness and stared at Cross emotionlessly.

Creature info:
Name: Minor reapers
Info: They are messengers and servants of the Grim Reaper, The God of Death. They are in charge of killing unfortunate victims and taking their souls. They attack with their sickles and are able to cast minor darkness spells.

The reapers charged forward towards Cross. But Cross was waiting for their arrival.

At the very last moment, Cross drew his sword and struck out at one of the charging reapers. His sword took off the skull of the coated figure, shocking the rest of the reapers, who stared at their dead companion for a while before continuing their charging.

Cross weaved behind one of the reapers and tore the skull off it, then he tossed it at another one, stunning it for a moment.

Cross drew out both of his swords and then he combined them into a boomerang threw it around the room, striking all the reapers and taking them down before the boomerang returned back to Cross.

"Heal Nolish" muttered the angel while holding his hand on his injured wing."You are not a normal intruder.You look like you are here to kill rather than to search for something for your research.You are not a normal scientist, are you?"

"Do I look like one?" Cross smirked "Well, for your information, I'm a bounty hunter and I'm here to kill you. So tell me, can I kill you?"

"You are too naive. I'm a half-blood angel. Normal humans like you cannot ever dream of killing me. Killing several minor reapers is nothing. I just summoned them so that I could have a few seconds for healing."

The angel threw another spear at Cross, which he easily dodged.

"I was expecting a defiant scream of "No!!" instead of "You are naive". Well, I think you are just too arrogant and proud. Let me teach you some manners." said Cross, shaking his head "Awake my swords."

The 2 normal-looking swords that Cross were holding transformed into magical ones. One turned gold with an aura of light around it and the other became silver and radiated an aura of cold.

"Very interesting swords. But watch this. 'Kalisde Norme Of De' " smiled the half-angel.

The spear that the angel held transformed into a golden spear filled with holy and healing power.

"This is the Spear of the Great Angel. My father, St.Newske, left it to me before I came to Earth.This beautiful spear can defeat any and all evil forces that dare to threaten me or atte.."

Before the angel finish his speech.... a blade protruded out from his chest and blood spewed out from his mouth and spurted unto the walls

"Whatever bossy-guy" muttered a girl from behind the dying angel.

"Yuki,Yuki, you never stop assassinating the target instead of doing a face-to-face fight, do you?" said Cross, shaking his head.

"Yeah, whatever. I got the reward money already. Let's just bring the head back to the bar and continue our journey." Yuki said as she ut the half-angel's head off.
Very good indeed
Location:Darkness' lair
Time: 0000 (Timeless dimension)

"Hmm, you are indeed getting stronger, my son. I believe you are up to handling the trial." said the Darkness Queen, Tyrisia, as she looked into a red crystal orb.

The Darkness Queen wears a black dress that covers the whole of the dimension's land with the skirting.All of the dimension's denizen's live on the dress and the air and all possible scenery is that of pure darkness.

"I think I should get going, I don't want to miss a live show." smiled Queen Tyrisia.

She opened a dimensional gate with a swipe of her hand and walked into the gate, to the dimension where the battle first begin.

Location: Dream of the chosen heroes

An old man dressed all in green appeared in all of the 8 heroes' dream.

"You all must rush to the Northern Land, You must obtain the Cross of Death. Who I am is not important. For all of creation, you all must go there and one of you must retrieve it before theend of all we know." declared the old man.

The scenery of the dream begun to transform into that of an ice palace that was amassing a vast army of a unknown monster that did not have a face and sprouted large wings from their backs.They had blue skin and long arms with large claws.On their chest, a large eye blinked.

"If the Guragami attack the Ice Palace of Ancient Cross and retrieve the Cross of Death. The end of the world will arrive. Move quick for the force of Guragami is quickly advancing."

Cross suddenly awoke in his bed.

He got out of bed and decided to walk out of the hostel for a breath of fresh air and as he looked up into the night sky, contemplating the dream he just had, he saw a host of meteors falling down from the sky. The meteors fell everywhere around the village. As soon as the one of the meteor hit the ground, they cracked open and out of each of them a Guragami emerged.

"What on earth?! That old man's prophecy is actually coming true.Yuki! Wake up! We have to move and move fast." shouted Cross.

Creature Info
Creature Info:They are creatures from the dimension of Garugunda.They are able to transform themselves into a meteor in order to travel through dimensions.They have no sense of self-preservation and seem to only kill mindlessly, following the commands of their leader, which they swear eternal loyalty to.

Cross charged towards one of the creatures and stabbed his sword into the eye. Cross tried his best to to fight off these creatures but more and more Guragami kept coming from the sky.Yuki rushed out of the tavern, awakened by the sounds of battle and Cross' scream for her and begun to fight by his side.

But despite their best effort, they could make no progress with the endless horde of creatures so they decided to quickly escape because the force were too vast to be defeated by just them.
wow lots of different parts to keep up with here
wow lots of different parts to keep up with here

That's because I use notepad provide by DMC instead of mircosoft words.
"What the hell are they? They seem to be countless!" yelled the town guard.

"Send a scout to King Cecil and tell him about this.Then lead the villagers out of this town. We must protect them at all cost." commanded the Paladin captain.

Just then, a blast from the eye of one of the Guragamis and hit the Paladin squarely in the chest. With a loud gasp and gurgle, the paladin fell over dead with a large hole in his chest where the heart should have been.

Meanwhile in a cave somewhere is the forest.....

"Those creatures....They are not like any creature I have ever fought." said Cross.

"It'll be okay as long as we are still safe..." replied Yuki.

"But I received a strange dream. I saw an old man who showed me vision of a palace.He ordered me to go there. He told me that the palace is what the creature are aiming to conquer and that those creature are called the Garugami. They plan to go and destroy the palace in search of a mysterious artifact. Somehow,whatever that mysterious artifact is, the artifact is somehow calling me to go there and save it." said Cross.

"Because you are it's rightful owner.That's why you must go and save it." said a male voice from behind Cross.

Cross and Yuki immediately turned and looked behind them. There stood an old man in a blue robe. The very same one as the man in Cross's dream.

Cross stood up and asked the old man straight in the face "You! You are the one that was in my dream. Who are you?"

"My name is Demuhasi. You can call me Demu. I'm a loyal servant of the Dark Kingdom. Almost everyone in the kingdom died in the last time the Guragami attacked this world. But there are a few survivors including me and the Queen herself. Our King sacrificed his own life to save all of us, the Survivors. That happened almost 10,000 years ago. Now, the Guragami have returned here for another great siege." explained Demu.

"And how does that concern me? I mean they just want the Crown, right?"

"They intend to conquer this world with the Cross of Death." the old man corrected

Suddenly, Yuki leapt out of her seat "What the..? Is that thing behind you one of them?"cried Yuki while pointing a figure that looked like one of the Guragami.

"That is a fake one. I made it by killing one of them and peeled off its skin.Then I breathed life into it so it could move on its own. I use it as a spy."

The fake Guragami walked forward, breathing out a chilling breath but said nothing.

"We should begin our journey now" declared Demu "Each second that passes is like losing gold."

Time: 8:00AM
Location: Cave in forest.

"Yuki, wake up. We got some company." said Cross, shaking Yuki awake.

"Who is there?" demanded a knight with around 100 men behind him.

"I'm Cross and she is Yuki, and that old man sleeping there is Demu. Who are you?" asked Cross in reply.

The knight took off his helmet.

"I'm King Cecil. For your information, a vast army of strange creatures just destroyed my castle."

"I saw that. I was there when it happened. We barely managed to escaped. Where you are going?"asked Cross.

"How rude of you! You need to address the King as "Your Majesty"...Guards! Punish this impudent man." commanded a short fat treasurer standing beside the King.
2 guards walked toward Cross, their spears held pointed at him.

With 2 deft strikes, the guards were taken down easily, after which Cross pointed his sword at the short fat treasurer.

"Hmm, it seems that you are a very powerful swordsman. Do you got any intention to serve me, young man?" asked King Cecil.

"No,sorry. I'm a bounty hunter. I only serve those that post bounties. Adn you haven't answered my question, where are you going?"

"Because of the last invasion, I have decided to go to my brother,Edge's castle To gather some reinforcements. And you, where are you going?" the king replied

"We are going to the Northern Land. Into the Dark Kingdom."said Demu.

"Wait a minute..."

Demu interuppted Cross before he said anything.

"The creatures you encountered yesterday were here for a reason. They are here to conquer Earth with their numbers. There is only one thing that can destroy them and it's in this dimension.It's called the Cross of Death." explained Demu.

"Cross of Death.. Yes, I heard of it. But I always thought it's just a legend." said King Cecil.

"My lord, many things can change.This is still a world of magic and might.Anything could happen. Man cannot truely know all that is in this world." replied Demu.

"Well, it' has truely been pleasant having this conversation with you all but you see, we are soon running out of time. Farewell, perhaps we will meet again." declared King Cecil.

As King Cecil turned to go, Cross stopped him.

"Wait...Your majesty, may we borrow a few horses?" requested Cross respectfully.

"Request granted. Treasurer! Bring out the best steeds that we have." ordered King Cecil.

The short fat treasurer was still mad at Cross, but he obeyed the order and brought out the best steeds for Cross.

Cross gathered up his supplies unto the horses and he, Yuki and Demu got ready for their journey ahead.

~The end of Chapter 2~
Chapter 3: Portraits

246 miles from Forest Caves
12:58 PM

Cross,Yuki and Demu were riding their horses through a heavy rain in the dark of the night. Due to this very damp condition, they were forced to find shelter as soon as possible.

"I don't remember agreeing to go with you, Demu." complained Cross out loud.

"It's your destiny.Only Destiny chooses people, people cannot choose their destiny." he replied

All of a sudden, Cross tipped to his side and fell from his horse and laid fainted on the ground as Yuki and Demu stopped to help him. They carried Cross to under a tree for a rest.

After a short while, Cross awoke groggily and muttered "Argghh, what happened?"

"You fell from your horse. It would seem that you are sick." said Demu.

"No, I'm not sick, I had a vision...I saw a man with a crown on his head and a lady, perhaps his queen, in a great castle of Ice. I do not know who they are but they seem familiar to me." explained Cross.

"Those are memory fragments. The closer we are from our goal. The more of these memory fragments you will get. These fragments only begun to surface when you had made up your mind to go to the Ice Palace." replied Demu.

"Tell me. Who am I? Why have I been chosen for all this?" demanded Cross.

"I'm not sure myself. I'm just following orders from the Old Order of Fate, a clan who main focus is to protect humanity."

Then as lightning lit up the sky, they saw the silloutte of an old mansion just down the road. The rain thinned and stopped as they got up to get a better look. The light of the full moon shone down the mansion as the clouds opened up above.

"Guess we should spent the night there." muttered Cross.

They tied their steeds to some trees and walked carefully into the mansion. A chilling wind picked up and blew the dust on the floor away as they opened the front door. It seemed that this is was a very old mansion and has been deserted for a long time. But there appeared to be many footprints on the dusty floor.

"The footprints are still new. Looks like it was made today as it should be covered by dust if it was made a long time ago" explained Demu.

"ANYBODY HOME?" yelled Cross.

But the hall remain silent. Suddenly, a vase on one of the side tables tipped over and fell to the ground. A red viscous liquid flowed out and inched slowly toward Cross.

"Blood! Something strange is happening here." said Cross. "No, wait, this odour...That liquid is paint. The surface of the floor is as dry as bone, so that's why it can still flow." he quickly correctly himself
Yay! It is continued :D :D
Yeah I am glad it contuines this story rules
Destroy those centaurs who cuts down our forest and captures our wisp!"

I thought it was spelling checked.

"Destroy those centaurs who cut down our forest and captured our wisp!"

I'm a stickler for the details!
"It'll be okay as long as we are still safe..."

(sarcasm) Naaaaaaaa, you don't say.

Im still like the story. + 1
Im still like the story.

I still like the story. + 1

(I said I was a stickler)

Before the angel finish his speech.... a blade protruded out from his chest and blood spewed out from his mouth and spurted unto the walls

I thought gods/half-gods had ichor for blood.

(golden liquid)

still gore=good!
i finished frozen throne and reign of chaos siple,.now i play WoW wrath of the lich king
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