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AuthorText Quests. Discussion thread.
this is hard for me i've tried so many times and can't seem to get it right, when my siege percentage is 25 i focus on peasants and stuff but then i get attack lol
Constant link for your result: https://www.lordswm.com/quest_summary.php?id=5067&key=4a26e41fe0ec87184a9c38d18e3154aa
for filowarrior:
25% doesn't mean they wouldn't attack you. There's also a possibility. Prepare your troops at any time (but not always of course). I know, it's hard for me too. ;)
only one quest? i want more! :P
its hard for me too...

i happy can until days 15..

and then..he says i failed..
I'll keep trying and see what will happen
it's very hard..

can u all plz giv me a hint?..

not teaching..just giv a support to me
what happens if i abandon my outpost? do i lose my points?
what happens if i abandon my outpost? do i lose my points?

You won't, losing doesn't either.
the quest is very hard...

and i not very understand what the wizards said
I done quest with this results:
# ---Seraph Stronghold---
# Completion 239%
# Population: 386
# Provision: 83
# Peasants: 135
# Foremen: 116
# Agitators: 0
# Soldiers: 135
# Attack: 146
# Defense: 159

and get ONLY 70 points?

What need to do to get more than 70 points?
how to increase completion?

What need to do to get more than 70 points?

Post 168 explained about it, by Acila.

how to increase completion?

Foreman do the work, it is also lowered if you failed to defeat all the attackers.
for Straws:
so we must win to + completions?
Well got through on my first go but failed as I was no where near completion or population...lol

If only I knew when they would attack it would be simple but sods law has me with low soldiers when they do...lol

# ---Seraph Stronghold---
# Completion 246%
# Population: 440
# Provision: 160
# Peasants: 154
# Foremen: 66
# Agitators: 66
# Soldiers: 154

Constant link for your result: https://www.lordswm.com/quest_summary.php?id=5259&key=29b76d7e20b631875359ba8742201c50
so we must win to + completions?

You must defeat them completely to _maintain_ it.
for Straws:
i always fight them and not complete it..
so..how to do that?
im at seraph's tears but dont see any text quests...can someone tell me how to access it. this FAQ does not specify where the text quests appear, nor which levels it is available to?!
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