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for Pastak:
i guess their ability is to make empires tax 100%.( they take 99%)
Their ability is to drop the currency value of this game to half in four years!
My wife asked me why i carry a gun in the house.
I looked at her and said DECEPTICONS. She laughed, i laughed, the toaster laughed, i shot the toaster, it was a good time.
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Every time on wedding older relatives tell me while nodding and finger pointing: "You are next!".
Well they stopped since I started doing exactly same thing on funerals.
Twenty years old man likes all women.
Thirty - likes only one woman.
Forty - likes all women but one.

Different perspective.
This year 1st snow came and in the morning it is officially 15 cm thick.
Like men would say - it is 25 cm.
Women on the other hand would say that it is a very first snow.
3 workers are eating meals on top of skyscraper every day. One day 1st finally speak: "If my wife pack me tomorrow same tuna sandwich, I ll jump no matter what. Cant stand it no more." Second one simply add: "If my packs ham sandwich man I ll follow!" Third feeling with two coworkers add: "Well, I will join You guys if tomorrow I got another peanut butter jelly sandwich!". So tomorrow same time same place, they open lunch boxes and 1st without one word jumped over fence. So does 2nd and lastly 3rd. At funeral, wife of 1st worker sadly comment: "My love if I only knew that You didn't like tuna sandwich I would prepared something else..." and sobs uncontrollably. "If You only said something"... 2nd wife said: "Stupid ham!!! If only I knew! If..." and tears begin to fall like rain. 3rd wife looks confused and mutters: "I don't get it. My husband was making sandwiches alone."
your mom
After a morning walk, a group of doctors was standing at a road-side restaurant enjoying a cup of tea.

Then they saw a man limping towards them.

One doctor said he has Arthritis in his Left Knee.

The second said he has Plantar Faciitis

The third said, just an Ankle Sprain.

The fourth said, see that man cannot lift his knee, he looks to have Lower Motor Neurons.

But to me he seems a Hemiplegia Scissors Gait, said the fifth.

Before the sixth could proclaim his diagnosis... the man reached the group and asked,

Is there a cobbler nearby who can repair my slipper?
Lol :D
Bob and Steve, happened to be lost in Arabian desert. After days of walking without any water or food, they noticed a Mosque.

Bob said: "Yes, thank God! I will walk in saying that my name is
Mohammad, and you say that your name is Ahmed, this way we'll get some food! Deal?"

Steve said: "No, I'm sticking with my name."
They walked into the Mosque and the Sheikh saw them.

The Sheikh asked: "What are your names?"

Bob said: "My name is Mohammad."

Steve said: "My name is Steve."

Sheikh said: "Guys, please bring some food and water for Steve.

And you Mohammad, Ramadan Mubarak!
Caution before taking kids to work...

An 8-year old girl went to the office with her father on 'Take Your Kid to Work Day'. As they were walking around the office, the young girl starting crying and getting very cranky, her father asked what was wrong with her.

As the staff gathered round she sobbed loudly, Daddy, where are all the clowns that you said that you worked with?
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