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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
i wear yours..u wear mine

go inside each others mind.
enrolled in a factory with 215 wage..B|
2012-02-11 19:09: Baweja has joined the clan.

2012-06-11 21:21: Baweja has left the clan.

2012-07-16 11:32: Baweja has joined the clan.

2012-08-16 17:58: Baweja has left the clan.

2013-02-09 19:27: Lord KD has joined the clan.

2013-04-14 14:41: Lord KD has left the clan.

...and the pendulum oscillates...
im just nervous expecting 95%+ but still just nervous :-p


What you nervous about nerd?
for Stupefy:
Don't know what is up with him these days? You know being in the game for 5 yrs gets painful sometimes. You make friends, but then they leave. You make new friends and yes they leave too.. It is really painful since I having friends is the major part of my fun in this game.Since, it is an MMORPG.

I have that missing someone feeling all the time.. I even sometimes view the profile of my old friends..

First, cune and hunago
Then, lady z and gurumao.
Then, samarth(coolahed, and yes wasn't Australian)
Then, gaurav.
then, vassilis..
then, ishita
and a bunch of names
now, Niranjan and baweja ..sigh..
OH my gawd!!

I forgot to mention sry, and estel!!
excepting 95%+ for a state board :D

will you pinch yourself or should i do it(I studies in state board too Bl)
well, I don't know about tamil nadu state board.. but, in maharashtra state board it can be done comparatively in a much easier way than CBSE.

Well, I was a CBSE guy.
for blazingarpit:

i alsoknow some guys you have listed above

Sry ,

vasilis ,

baweja(used to hate him most in past but now i have realized how wrong I was)

and speciallly coolahed(he told me that he is my friend and blacklisted me when i sent him just about 2 messages , and after a week when he was really poor he messaged me to loan him 70k to get unblacklisted :P , will never forget him)

yes wasn't Australian

why he told everyone including me that he is australian?
for ayush20:
see I have been over this. I knew him from 2008 and he had accounts with his RL name. then they got blocked. He was always a roulette freak, but he used to lose all the time and would talk about leaving the game or starting over from new account and he finally had success..

Then he gave his account to an austrailian guy who was a real jerk...He would refuse to recognize me, show attitude and stuff.I never yapped about it, you look after the bros, altough yes that austrialian guy did deserved to get pinned...
Had 7 transfers since I was in std 1..let alone game frnds ..I always got to leave my friends at the end of year and make new ones quickly..and the same so on.

And yes it is painful to leave them...
doing ranger guild quests untill level 9, already pwned a thief . Beware level 8 thieves you gonna die!
for blazingarpit: never mentioned it before..but i am sry's bro XD
Guys, there is something I want to tell you. I had an epiphany and yes it does not have something to do with my previous posts. It is just that I have been thinking about this. My life is really busy when it comes to academics and guys in my place should not play this game and throw it all away..

I wasn't around here for months and then I suddenly came up and would play like crazy. 500 fsp 2 months seriously I never had that pace. I had a terrible experience in RL. I had a gf(yes your blazingarmpit had a gf :P) and she cheated one me with a good friend (I'm just shy to say him my best, he never was). I never really mourned about it much, I mean I won't be such a wuss over it but it effected me..I tend to get away from RL and people I know and more into this game. It was basically my mourning phase..(just only diff. was it was hell lot of awesome :D )

Now, yeah since traumatizedsoul never figured it out. Yes, I'm your flooder IITian, and I'm on the brink of failing this sem. It is hard. One can not be an example of success in RL and an example of excellence in the game. I would always choose the first one. I let that internship to UK get away from my hand..now this is a loss, a great loss. I had it right back then, don't ever see this game and you will score great marks..

In recent days I have also been an alcoholic, yes as a guy living in hostel I really drink a lot of booze lately. And I want to quit, I want to be free of its binds. But, to be free I need to get rid of all my addictions.

Some of you will laugh, and would say this guy is crazy. I just hope you will deal with this with a little..lets say.. decency. I guess as friends you can NOT laugh at me for least this time.

So I'm coming to the point. This might be the last of what you see of me. I have recovered and I am going back to get my act together and sort out my life. Playing this game,flooding with you, your company was a happy memory, but, you need change in life. I would rather have other kinds of happy memories now.

So, why am I boring you with such a long goodbye message? It is just that it would have been so hard for me to just leave without a proper goodbye..

Now loafoant and trauma do tell me about your result, when it come out. I'd be giving a friend of mine my phone no. and feel free to take it from him.You will know who he is..I won't be oscillating leaving an coming back in this game I can assure you.So long ,Arpit is finally calling it a day :)
#Respect mate.Hope you sort your life :) and stop drinking >.> I too was here for 5 long years and now it is getting a bit boring,but I still have some time before I get serious ;) . It has been a fine day and sry sends her regards,give my best wishes to ishan too =D
He managed to make me cry :'-(
Wow...one more member of the old generation lost..

There were so many players back then..a group of sorts (i didn't play much back then-but knew most of it from sry) and one by one everyobdy is slowly going away..arpit stood out so long and i salute you for that mate :) I may also be a bit inactive once college starts.

What you nervous about nerd? When almost all I know are aiming for that,it does get nervous :)

Now loafoant and trauma do tell me about your result, when it come out. sure :)

I'm your flooder IITian, IF I get into IIT ,I'll be a second flooder IITian :-p

.So long ,Arpit is finally calling it a day :)
So long mate.Hope we cross each other's path one day :')
https://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=7702 It has become more of a grave :/
No one here to console me ? :(
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