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AuthorWomen’s Day
As the spring comes to the Empire lands, driving out the cold fierce winter and changing white to green, blizzard to sunshine and wind wail to warble of nightingales, the mood of Empire’s inhabitants changes as well, making them less preoccupied with concerns of welfare and more open for admiring the outside beauty, for spring and beauty have long become synonymic for the citizens of the great country.
This particular day has always been a true decoration of the spring. The Empire men anthem the main joy and sense of their lives, the lovely Ladies whose beauty inspires the Nature itself...

Dear players,
yet another day of tradition has come, and this one is quite special! We celebrate this day as the day of beauty and charm, the day of Women. The Administration team sends warmest greetings to all ladies in the game!

All this day, the tavern offers free restoration drinks free of charge. Players will find greeting cards in all battles they win; cards may also be purchased at the shop. Cards may be kept or sent as holiday greetings to any female characters. Gift cards will be visible to all players and will remain in character information pages for two weeks.
Female characters will also have their luck parameter increased by 1 for the entire day in all combats!

Happy Women’s Day, dear Ladies! Let you find all the love, attention and care that you so much deserve! We wish you eternal spring in your souls, and your hearts to be filled with warmth of the words and deeds of those who love and appreciate you!
LordsWM Team
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