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AuthorDiligence is Skill!
"What a morning, what a success", a young Knight was excited about his last battle. "Just entered this famed Military clan, and the first combat is a landslide victory! Such a great team, they are outstanding tacticians!"

Excitement combined with conceited pride made his heart throb crazily, and he had to stop for a short break. He took a seat on a pitch-black stone near an enclosure and started over the calamity keys he had collected.
The Plague key... It was so intimidating, and not just because of its cap in form of skull. Whoever created the key definitely put something dark into it; it felt heavy and caused disgust to even hold it in in the grip. Now solstice key, eclipse key...
The young Knight was so immersed into his examining the keys that did not realize how the petrified statues, proirly deemed decorative only, gave a barely visible crack, then crumbled and became animate...

"Look out! Daydreaming kills!" The exclamation made the Knight jump up to his feet and turn around. Literally a step away from him, a heinous creature fell still, smashed by an ice clod.
"Thank you, wise one", the dark elf bowed to his saviour. The latter approached him with a mocking smile that the Knight interpreted as affability.
"All these keys... I wonder if all the heroes who insert them ever ponder, you know, hesitate before inserting them".
"I certainly hope they do not", the wizard cackled. "Besides, I have heard that the Court Wizard has made it rewarding to spend the keys right away. Heard the news?"
"I shall take it to account, wise one. But I did not get your name!"
"I am Albrecht", his unexpected companion bowed in a feigned courtsey shuffling his foot comically, clearly parodying the Knight's noble manner of speech, then waved his hand and ran towards the exit from the crypt.

Lordship! From now on, inserting the keys into crypt enclosures will grant you 0.25 skill points to your active faction per inserted key.
Also, the reckless use of empowered Raise Dead spells by the Unholy heroes has caused the ancient Golems of Death assume an animate form, and obey the commands of their animators!
Stay on guard!
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