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Author7th Paired Tournament
Silence and peace asserted their reign in the Fairy Trees lands at the evening twilight. They were rightful and customary here, so far away from the Capital hustle, in the outskirts of the Empire, but even here there was a place where hubbub and merry-making never ceased. The rustle of maps, clinking of gold coins and loud laughs were the natural atmosphere of the spot - the roadside inn titled "Flickering hops", a place well favoured by local mercenaries and enthusiasts of hunting in the beatiful sceneries with magnificent crowns of fairy trees in the backround...

"Quite a sound thrashing those goblins gave you, huh?", a barbarian roared at a dwarf sitting in the opposite corner of the inn. "Haven't run as much as today in all your lifetime, have ya?", he thundered and burst into defiant guffaw.

The dwarf jumped up from behind his table abruptly, barely managing to snatch the mug preventing it from spilling the floor. "It is all your foreigner friend's fault!", he pointed at a dark elf sitting next to the barbarian. "His accent is inintelligible! How am I supposed to understand in course of battle if it is Go ROUND or go FRONT with his pronounciation?!", he attempted to justify himself, but only faced more gibes from curious inn visitors. He waved his hand at them in desperation and sat grim to finish off his ale.

"There is but one language on the battlefield", the barbarian's voice grew serious and quiet. "That of battles and victories! It is a common language for all heroes." He laid his massive arm on his companion's shoulder. "Am I right, brother?"
The dark elf nodded silently, and the barbarian spoke, solemnly challenging tones present in his voice this time: "Tomorrow we shall teach a few unforgettable lessons on the Paired tournament arena, a masterclass from the future winners of the preset team credit!"
Splashes of lager ale fireworked at all sides at the clash of their mugs, painting the scene of their anticipation of triumph all around them.

Lords and Ladies, the Empire announces the beginning of the 7th Paired Tournament!
The tournament features 2 vs 2 group battles with two credits, preset and random team, with separate prize funds for each. Those who have passed the Commanders' guild trial will find a pleasant addition of guild points as a bonus reward for winning tournament combats. As usual, special badges await those who score highest at either or both credits to perpetuate their achievements in Empire records.

Best of luck in the Tournament!
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