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Author[Military Clan] #7705 Angels & Demons MC
Congratz A&D on the sector ^.^
Congratulations guys , nice work !
Wow congrats for the facilities! :)))
Raid event started - I hope you all enjoy it - and I hope you enjoy the 130% reward for defenses :)
25th on Raid Event, Congratz :D
Bog is away so I'll be the one to mention this,

DOTM and Title rewards will remain unchanged for the month of June.
However, We'll be increasing the DOTM Rewards from next month onwards and will probably get rid of Title rewards and increase defender rewards even more.
who are ready tu join up?
ok I am back - DotM rewards for June paid (title awards will take a little longer) - thank you everyone for your efforts last month, it was all appreciated
Title rewards paid, however the title rewards will no longer be paid after June as it is very time consuming and doesn't really seem to have caught on - in future the reward will be combined with other defense rewards such as Defender of the Month (still to be decided) :)
Progressing as usual, but slightly slower because of summer vacations.
PoT event started so defense rewards are back to 130% :)

have fun
ok defense rewards increased to 140% - just to help you guys :)
event over, I hope everyone enjoyed it :)

defense rewards back to 120%
new event new reward - Dark Armor

defense reward increased to 130%
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