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Author[Military Clan] #7705 Angels & Demons MC
Looking for a good enchanter? You don't have to look further than in A&D.
for Cat on tree the answer is loading.....

Vrancea , that's a slow internet >.<

Answer hasn't loaded x)
@Chico Changes require time and efforts. I am sure they are trying their best. Do not diss other clans while you are in EFL.
For shubhamgoyal:
That was a joke of course :3
All active players with decent level are welcome to join A&D
We are doing well in the event but can still do better. Go, go, GO!
well done everyone who took part in the Raid event, all points were appreciated - rewards for the event have been distributed :)
Tomb of the Moon event has started - surv defense reward increased from 120% to 130% for the event

good luck everyone :)
we are looking for players - come join us :)
Tomb of the Moon event is over - defense rewards back to 120% (sorry guys)

well done everyone who took part, the rewards for the Tomb of the Moon event have been paid out - sorry for the delay guys
new event (dungeon Caves) - rewards back to 130% again

good luck everyone :)
the Dungeon Caves event is over, I hope everyone enjoyed it :)

but - sorry guys, rewards for defenses are back to 120% :(
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