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AuthorThe Unexplained Assailants
Since arriving at the New Empire, the Lords were dependant on their Herald far more than they used to be in their homeland. Back there, a network of postmen, commissionaires and messengers could always act directly in their duties and make known anything in every corner of the Empire by day's end at most. But here they were still guests. They still hadn't become familiar with the unknown system and had not yet worked out to put it to their advantage.

So when the Herald disappeared, speculatively going for another reclusion, and massive disorder was caused by a serious and ominous attacking force, a detrimental lack of information and an unwanted confusion was caused among the newcoming Military clans eager to participate in replotting the facilities.

To spread the news, the leaders of military clans of the Lost Empire entitled the heralds of their own clans to exchange any details they were aware of. The noblemen exchanged their knowledge of the situation, each adding a few facts they knew about, and eventually, an outline formed through fruit of mutual efforts consisted of the following ideas:

1) Survilurgs attack each subdistrict several times a day, every day.
2) When a facility is under attack, seven vanguards of three lords in each are required to protect the territory.
3) Vanguards may begin formation only 15 minutes before the battle starts. The clan will get a warning one hour prior to the attack.
4) Every MC has a protection time of 10 hours while all their territories are guarded by Empire's regular forces. The time is 00:00 - 10:00 by default, but it can be changed once a week.
5) Each time a vanguard successfully defends an incoming attack, the clan is rewarded with gold to clan's treasury - 100*[sum of combat levels of participants]
6) Whenever a clan fails to set vanguards to defend facilities, it loses 15% control over territory for each defending vanguard missing. In case when a defending vanguard loses, control is lost proportionally to the amount of enemies survived.
7) Military clans regain control over their facilities at a rate of 1% per hour.
8) Military clan loses control over subdistrict when it is 100% taken by enemy.
9) Subdistricts can be reclaimed back no earlier than one full hour after it was lost. Any military clan can take part in reclamation attacks for 2 hours. Tally-up is 3 hours after that attack window. Whichever military clan will have had the most wins over this period, it claims the contested subdistrict.
10) You can pass control of your troops to your clanmate during battle. That clanmate must have the same or higher combat level and should be out of any challenge, battle or card match at the moment.
While the chaos and disorder continued throughout the Empire, as warriors sought to take up arms and defend their livelihoods, the councilors of the old land tried to make sense of the situation. Upon learning that the Empire was being attacked by such a strange and unknown force, Bilir had hurried off to see Abu-Bakir, wishing to help the foreign wizard search through his vast library of scrolls for any snippets of information on the assailants. Kalirosh was to be found in the foreign councilors' mansion, pouring over maps to try and understand how the attackers made their way into the empire. Arabat, the councilor well versed in economic matters, too remained within the councilors' mansion, wondering what effect the attacks would have on production and supplies in the empire.

One councilor though, did not feel the need to search for information. Unlike Bilir, Councilor Feurlis would not approach the strangers for help. He didn't need to; the information would come to him. Seated in his safe house, Feurlis' upper lip curled into a smile as one of his spies left the room to gather more information. Setting up a web of informants had been his master plan, his vision: After all his unwillingness to trust the peoples of this strange land had not been without reason. For several days while his fellow councillors had run around, trying to gather information that the people of this land often would not give, he had been sitting in his safe house, observing the chaos and learning of possible information.

However, as he thought of how great an achievement his tightly woven web was, his smile dissipated quickly, for he knew he needed more information. The small amounts which he had gathered thus far were enough to stir the dreaded thoughts lingering at the back of his mind. Feurlis shifted uncomfortably in his chair, hoping it would not be long before his spies returned with new reports which would shed some light on the background of the Survilurgs and prove his creeping fears unfounded.
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